Security Dangers in Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices are increasingly being used in business application through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that integrates the personal and workplace requirement into one phone. Mobile computing through different apps has added further to their usability. However, incidentally, manufactures of apps focus exclusively on functionality, without giving priority to security issues. Consequently, tech criminals and hackers get ample opportunities for using apps for a number of malignant activities such as intercepting SMS and e-Mail, contact list, call history, browsing history, data files or recording keystrokes for stealing bank details and so on. Therefore, mobile app development calls for ensuring security of the data used.

  1. 1: Insecurity of Data Stored

    Starbuck mobile apps have wide usability in the US. Recently, it has been publicly announced by Starbucks that user’s name, e-mail addresses and passwords in clear texts are being stored in its apps. Once the phone is connected to a PC, a hacker can find passwords and users’ names and is thereby authenticated for logging on to the website of Starbucks. Apps should be so designed as not to keep important data like password and credit card number on the device.

  2. 2. Strengthening of Controls on Server-Side

    Every sensitive data has to be connected back to some server component and may have to transverse through insecure media like internet and wireless. While getting connected to mobile applications for the first time, business systems get exposed to outside accessibility. Such systems are prone to be affected by lack of proper security if the servers are not secured from unauthorized users. iPhone app development needs to ensure that all APIs are verified for ensuring security from hackers.

  3. 3: Inadvertent Leakage of Data

    In order to provide personalized marketing offers to consumers, the digital business aims at collecting various personal information of the target consumers that may include age, geographical location, gender, occupation and so on. This is the kind of inadvertent leakage that the mobile devices are exposed to. Beside personal data, other sensitive data handled by medical professionals and banks are also exposed to such kind of leakage. It is pertinent to take precaution while opting for analytics providers and launching advertisement.

  4. 4: Insufficient Cryptography

    Cryptographic algorithms such MD5 and SHAI no more suffice to the security needs of mobile devices. You can customize your encryption by adopting the latest APIS such as AES with a 256-bit key. You can adopt SHA-256 for hashing. But, you must not implement your own keys and certificates in vulnerable areas. Android app development use encrypted file system that can be enabled to protect data on lost or stolen devices

  5. 5: Unreliable Inputs Resulted from Security Decisions

    Since mobile apps are enabled to accept data from all sources, sufficient encryption must be ensured because hackers can bypass your security if you decide to authenticate and authorize on the basis of the values of these inputs.

    It is therefore essential that while developing any mobile app, priority must be given to security of the data used so that the users derive full utility of the functionalities provided, without any risk or apprehension.

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