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Today the UI/UX expectations are soaring high for mobile apps and require outstanding creativity and imagination to design and development mobility solutions. We firmly believe that we need to deliver Rich User experiences to Enterprise Products. The Best in class applications are highly user-centric and allow Users to quickly identify the detail they need.

UX Design Services

We believe in designing simple yet beautiful and useful interfaces for users. We push the boundaries of our experience in design and technology, each time we deliver a unique user experience, we have a highly creative and motivated team of designers who are passionate about delivering the best user experience for a few leading brands in the world.

Our designing approach takes into consideration Personalization for user groups, technically advanced backend for speed, accuracy of information, displaying mass information in an easy to read fashion, clean lines, ability to interact and delightful transitions etc.

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Ms Cameron Arterton

Ms Cameron Arterton

Comma Promatics designed and implemented entire website from scratch. It was such a pleasure to work with their team! They were very responsive and great at finding solutions to problems... Read more

User Experience Design process

Our UXD process comprises of understanding the business goals, analysis of requirements, and Users needs and task assessment. The next step is designing a good Information architecture, Interaction Designing and Visual designing. Then we start developing. This stage takes care of finalization of the product which is an iterative process. Lastly we test the usability of the product by doing a random sampling. Taking into consideration the faults and feedback we test the product, fix bugs and resolve associated issues and finally deploy the product.

Throughout the UXD process, our goal is to keep the navigation simple and intuitive, reduce the number of user interaction or steps/clicks and have an appealing look and feel that’s accommodative, consistent and compatible across platforms.

We have a proven and dedicated UX/UI team with both consumer & enterprise focus. Our team consists of highly skilled and talented Designers, namely the Product Designers, Experience Designers who work in unison to create a successful user experience for you. The entire team focuses on R&D, solution building, accelerators/PoCs to reduce time to market.

Our Work
  • Custom E-commerce Project
  • Custom Social Networking Website Development
  • Crowd Funding Website Development

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