10 reasons you need to advertise on mobile

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Do you know that mobile ads are much effective than internet ads? There has been a great debate on mobile vs. internet ads in the recent years. In a study conducted recently, it was found that mobile ads are 27 times successful than internet ads. Though the internet deserves a full measure of credit for developing new advertising concepts, mobile ads are considered more effective.


Many companies are still not aware of the benefits of mobile advertising. They use traditional advertising methods to develop their business.


In this post, I have outlined some of the defining reasons that show why mobile advertising is so successful.


1. Mobile responsive sites

Recently, Google altered its algorithm — as a result of which mobile responsive websites rank higher than non-responsive sites. Businesses rushed to ensure that their website didn’t fall victim of the changed algorithm, and hence, designed mobile responsive websites. Google want to acknowledge the importance of mobile in our lives and make businesses stand ahead of their competitors. You can reach potential customers by designing mobile responsive websites that look and perform well on mobile devices.


2. Cost effective

Mobile advertising is very cost-effective compared to internet and TV advertising. Mobile traffic is expected to surpass desktop traffic. Brands are realizing what it means for their investment in mobile ads. Researchers predict that the cost of desktop ads will reach $25 billion in the next few years, which mobile will make 72% of total spending by the year 2019. This means mobile ads are much affordable compared to web ads, and one can get benefited highly from mobile ads.


3. Mobile opens up virtual reality

Mobile app developers and designers make use of exciting technologies such as virtual reality to make the mobile apps much engaging and intuitive. There is plethora of options that help you make huge profits from mobile advertising. There is something for every business in every industry, and one can take advantage of mobile advertising to grow their business. With the help of mobile advertising you can reach multiple customers in multiple ways.


4.Reach target audience

If you want reach target audience, mobile advertising is the best option. A large number of subscribers make the mobile device an ultimate marketing tool. Mobile phones are used by almost every individual. The number of people who use mobile phones is significantly higher compared to PC and laptop users. As the targeted ads are more relevant and interesting, users are more likely to pay attention to them. Your mobile ad will obviously get higher response rate.


5. Trusted relationship

The decision to purchase the product depends on the level of trust the user has on your company. Users need to use money transfer methods such as credit cards or PayPal when purchasing from PC. On the contrary, purchases can be handled quickly in a simple way by means of trusted procedures. This convinces the user to buy directly through their handset.


Why you need to advertise on mobile


6. Flexibility across multiple channels

Multi-channel campaigns are highly in demand these days. Mobile advertising gives you the flexibility across multiple channels. With digital advertising, one can share single piece content across multiple channels. This means, you no longer need to be confined to a single page. If you want to capitalize on multiple platforms, you should augment a particular snippet with relevant content. This way, you can allow users to consume content in a way they want.


7. Mobile advertising reaches the market faster

The condition of market changes quickly and hence is the advertising techniques. The peak times for traditional advertising methods are 90s. Today, mobile advertising can be executed in a quick and efficient manner. When you are trying to capture huge market, big brands try to retain much power. Mobile advertising reaches the market at a fast rate compared to traditional advertising.


8. Mobile advertising can be measured

Every department or industry need to know how to add value with digital campaign. By knowing who clicked on the content, opened it or referred it, you can determine which platforms yield better results. Mobile advertising allows you to track the source of traffic from the beginning till you reach shopping cart. The main reason to track the metrics is to engage the users in a better way. By knowing what users want, you will be able to create better products that meet their requirements.


9. Your competitors are doing it

Another important reason why you need to advertise on mobile is that your competitors are doing it. There has been a rise in mobile advertising in the recent years. The mobile market is estimated to grow to 80 billion by the year 2019. The advent of smartphones and mobile apps led to unprecedented growth. Many companies have shown that a solid mobile strategy can be the foundation of a successful business.


10. Show creativity

If you want to reach target customers, you need to do a lot beyond traditional advertising. Mobile advertising gives you an opportunity to take one step further and serve customers with creative ideas. One can increase their brand awareness by using flash and in-banner video ads. Your image, headline and ads should be as dynamic as online space. Mobile advertising provides an opportunity to engage highly with customers using rich media and videos.


Bottom line

Mobile advertising is an essential element of today’s marketing strategy. It provides plenty of benefits such as – reduced cost, targeting potential customers, get valuable insight etc that are not available through other advertising media. You can give your customers the attention they need and bring the best out of your advertising campaign. When it comes to reaching the capabilities, mobile advertising takes you ahead of your competitors.


Hope you found this post useful. If you know any other reason to advertise on mobile, share with us in the comments below!


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