10 things that will keep hackers off your website

Even the simplest websites – blogs, photo sharing, etc are open to hacking. You might think that this site may not have any use for hackers, but there have been several instances when information is compromised. The reason for this is that most of the hacking isn’t done to steal passwords or data but using your server as a host for spam emails. Hackers can also use your server as a temporary web server to suit their illegal motives. Today, hacking is a rising concern for businesses all across the globe. If you want to ensure that your website doesn’t serve as a medium of hacking, here are certain things to keep in mind.
Updated software
Most of us understand that software updates specifically come with the latest bug fixes. Updates are meant for both the software on which your website has been running and its operating system. Hackers are always on the lookout for any hole in the software security structure and the moments it is found, they are already ready to crack. In case you have been using an externally managed hosting solution, there is little to worry. However, if you are using any third party software for website, make sure you keep the security updated. Most CMS solutions like WordPress and Umbraco will automatically notify of any new updates.
SQL injection
This concerns hacking by using web forms and URL parameters to manipulate databases. Our suggestions will be to always use parameterized queries, common to all website languages and are quite easy to implement too.
XSS scripting refers to the activity when hackers try to pass on malicious scripts as web forms and natural JavaScript. Always strip out any HTML before you submit the code for your website.
Error Messages
In case of login error, make sure you are requesting the least amount of information to help retrieve the account. It is better to use general messages such as “Incorrect Username and Password” rather than presenting information that the username is correct and the password isn’t. This just eases the process for the hacker.
Form / Server Side Validation
Validation should be with both the server and browser. While autofill options are simpler for the end user, they can in fact be bypassed and lead to malicious scripting.
The most concerned sites will always suggest you to use a more complicated password – a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Good password practices are the best effort to save your site from getting hacked.
Uploading files
Websites that allow users to upload files can be a big security threat. Malicious links can be passed on in this process. In case you are a service that asks for uploading pictures, relying just on the extensions isn’t enough. Make sure that there isn’t an option for the user to execute files. Further ask for renaming the file name to safeguard fake extensions.
SSL or Secure Sockets Layers allow good amount of protection against loopholes. Without an SSL certificate, it can be easy for hackers to sniff out data and breaches.
Website Security Tools
Other than the above mentioned items, there are various website security tools that safeguard against hacking. Some names include OpenVAS and Netsparker.
Offering total security is the first thing that webmasters should think of before deploying a website. Constant update as mentioned above will not just save your data but also enhance the credibility of your site.

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