10 Tips for Designing a Better Checkout Page

The e-commerce life is filed with several conversion amount drops, too many website owners and shopping cart abandonment on a particular checkout page. This has become a bitter element in today’s technological driven world. Better conversions are the ultimate aim of every marketer, businessman and advertiser. But this can be changed easily. There are scopes of increasing the rates of conversion on the page by providing assistance to the customers so that they can make a cognizant and assured decision.


Tips for Designing a Better Checkout Page


Abandonment of shopping carts is the indication that a business might be running in loss. According to reports around 59% of online buyers do not make their purchases and hence the abandonment takes place. Some of the top reasons for undergoing the abandonment process by various customers are stated as follows:


  • Too much shipping cost
  • Only comparison purpose
  • Lack of time to complete transaction
  • Out of stock products or back ordered
  • Technical problems with the shopping cart
  • Uncomfortable purchasing process
  • Overpricing of products
  • Payment issues
  • Undesired products


A good web designing of landing pages, easy-to-fill forms devoid of the security logos make it a smooth process for online shoppers to navigate a checkout folio. Below are top 10 tips for designing an effective and user-friendly checkout page:


1. Making Registration Process Optional: Customers should be given the freedom to share their information with you. Registration should not be made mandatory as people might not be comfortable sharing their information to any website. Making them turn as a guest user can also do gaining trust.


2. Saving the cart: Shoppers should be provided with the option of saving their list in a cart and making them available anytime. This way it will help the customer to look for what they want to buy anytime of the day.


3. Building a product summary: This will help in optimizing the product details of the online purchasers. One of the best methods of web development is to interact with the clients directly or indirectly. Customization of their needs will help them in making a good decision.


4. Creating compact forms: Crisp and compact forms make them hassle-free to fill up. Less filling-up of information will give them the scope of providing time to their shopping.


5. Clear return and shipping policy: Transparency present in shipping costs, payment options, additional taxes, etc. leads to better conversions. Hidden costs are a strict no-no.


6. Including trust issues: The virtual business has its own Flip-side. Security icons, assurance texts must be placed on the website for making them trust you.


7. Making page error-free: You have to make sure that the checkout process is error free. In that way you can ensure a high traffic along with a fair amount of sales.


8. Showing availability: Pre-ordering a product should be accompanied by the availability of the same. The expected time it will be accessible makes your customers confident about the purchase.


9. Special offers: Rewards like discount coupons and royalty programs while a shopper buys a product will make them hooked to shopping and in buying further.


10. Keeping functional button: The ‘Back’ button must be made functional to confirm or check anything. The error page makes the shopping experience a frustrating one, which should be strictly avoided.


Presently, checkout pages are gaining extreme importance as compared to trust marks because they help in increasing the sales manifold times. When it comes to good eCommerce website development decent design, brand trust, usability and price they are the ultimate answer.

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