13 Easy Way to seize your App’s Community on Social Media

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Merely having a mobile app for your business is not enough. You need to sufficiently register the app on social media too, in order to secure the best and maintain goodwill of your organization.


13 Easy Way to seize your App’s Community on Social Media


1) Having a good community for your mobile app will help to enhance your app’s experience. The marketers can register their app on social media, get and assimilate valuable feedbacks from their customers and can upgrade them from time to time.

2) Having a proper community can enhance the growth of your company .It can also help to build a trust for your users. Trust is a very important factor for keeping a track of your app.

3) Keep your users engaged is also one of the most important strategies. You must always know the places where your users keep on engaging themselves. However, do not handle more than what you can’t handle. In short, do not go overboard.

4) You must also need to know what the users think about you and your app. Once you set up your app you must know about what keeps them engaged to your app.

5) Always look out for a dedicated online community manager who can interact with the users and help them solve intricate queries by providing relevant answers to them.

6) App managers should also create a unique brand voice in order to allure more users and keep them engaged. Tremendous growth can be assured if you have got a great brand loyalty. So the first and foremost thing is to build that.

7) Building app advocates: Every community needs advocates which sets themselves apart from every advocate .One of the methods is to highlight it on social profiles, keep up the track of the user’s activity, inviting them to the events and also doing a campaign with them.

8) Always start small: This means that first and foremost you should create a landing page for your application before its launch. You can use twitter or Facebook for keeping users engaged.

9) Having a proper and appropriate conversation with users is also one of the best ways to keep your app engaged on social media. Always answer the questions and keep looking for opportunities.

10) Share enriched content with your users. It means that you should always keep posting some authentic content like posting inspirational quotes, some pictures etc. This will further accentuate the brand’s image.

11) Offer special discounts to your customers. It will also help in the growth of the brand. When customers would present their testimonials to others and would display it in their social accounts it will generate a buzz about your app.

12) Link up with already established communities who are talking about your app. For example, there might be many customers who have beta tested your app. In such a case you can send them an acknowledgement or a thank you mail in order to keep them talking more about your app.

13) You can also build a list of prospective users who may want to try your app. This can be done by either making a sheet or a separate list online or offline. Then start to get them talking and interact with them whenever possible. Such steps taken can greatly help to build an online image of your app.

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