13 Features you need to pay attention when developing travel mobile app

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We have mobile app for every sector and the same is the case with travel domain. Travel apps are taking the center stage in the mobile app development, as more and more people are using them. Travel industry is growing drastically as never before, as a result of which app developers are developing more and more travel apps to lead the future of application development. The year 2017 is going to be a potent year for travel mobile app development.

Travelers prefer using apps for different purposes from finding the best tourist destination to hotel reviews to hiring a rental car. There would be a number of ideas that help travel app development companies to find a new solution. No doubt, travel apps have transformed the process of travelling in the recent years. There are many apps that give instant access to the nearby restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, car to hire etc.

Travel apps have become a trend, and this is the reason why many mobile app development companies are focusing on developing wonderful travel apps. Though there are hundreds of travel apps, not all apps are equally popular. Travel mobile apps are something that is worth looking into. It is must to incorporate some unique features into them that make them interesting.


1. Geolocation tracking

The first thing tourists want to check after dropping at a certain location is a nearby cafe, hotel or local attraction. The main aim of travel app development comes by integrating GPS based location services successfully. The travel app you develop should be able to get the location details quickly and fetch the required results. Many apps do this job very well by searching nearby locations for different kinds of services and help tourists when they are on a trip.


Geolocation Tracking


2. Language translator

If you want your travel app to be an instant favorite for users, this is one of the must-have features. Tourists who travel to different countries might not be familiar with regional language, and suffer a lot during their trip. If you want to stand out ahead of others and offer a unique pitch for the app, you should not ignore this feature.


3. Itinerary generator

Most of the travelers struggle to schedule and make a proper plan for their holiday trip. The itinerary generator feature in the travel app would assist users to plan a trip of their lifetime. Using this feature, travelers would plan a trip itinerary round the globe. All they need to do is mention the locations on map, and an itinerary would be created automatically. There are many apps that provide itinerary service, allowing tourists to access and share all the vacation plans.


4. Cab booking service

Travelers are attracted toward those apps that act as one stop solution for all the travel needs. An option to book a taxi within the travel app would help people travelling to different places. By incorporating taxi service feature in the app, you can make their task much easier.


5. Trip reviews

This is one of the coolest features to have in a travel app. Tourists love to know about the place before they plan their trip. The app should allow users to write reviews on different places around the world. Some tourists love to share their experiences about a particular place instantly, and an app with this feature would help them do so.


6. Weather forecasting

A lot of tourists book their flights without thinking about the effects of climate change in their journey. Travel app development companies should integrate real time weather forecast feature to alert the traveler of such calamities, when creating travel itinerary. You can check multiple apps that display weather reports for different locations around the world.


Weather Forecasting


7. Emergency services

Emergency services are essential wherever you live. The same is the case while travelling. You may not know when you land in an emergency situation and need assistance. Travel app development companies should include emergency phone numbers and services based on the current location to make sure that the traveler can use whenever there is a need.


Emergency Services


8. Restroom finder

Thousands of tourists face the problem when it comes to find washrooms nearby. While developing a travel app, it is must to install this feature in the app so that tourists do not have any trouble finding restrooms, especially in case of any emergency. Apps with washroom finder feature received an immense popularity among travelers.


9. Share holiday details via social media

Apart from adding and saving the itinerary of vacation, tourists would love to share their experiences with their friends and family. Incorporating a social media sharing feature in the app would let the travelers share their wish lists and holidays with their friends. This feature helps the tourists in planning a hassle-free vacation and share with friends who has a hand in travel planning.


10. Works offline

Tourists prefer choosing travel apps that work even if not connected to the internet. Tourists may already have local SIM card installed and activated on their mobile. The mobile internet may not work when they are travelling, especially when going in rural parts of the country. It is better to design an app that work when there is no internet connection.


11. Time converter

Tourists may face problem when they switch from one time zone to the other. Travel app development companies should implement time converting feature in the app that become a good bonus for tourists while travel across different time zones. This kind of feature helps tourists to take advantage of opportunities effortlessly.


12. Currency converter

This is a very useful and must-have feature for international travelers. This will help the travelers exchange some currency, as they are aware of the exchange rates. Travel app development companies can do this by implementing XE currency that tracks currency rates in real time.


13. Price comparison

This is another best feature that every travel app must have. Tourists prefer comparing price of hotels, flights etc to simplify search process. By including this feature, travel app development companies can help the tourist make a choice and complete the purchase without leaving the app.

Implementing the above features in your travel app will not only help tourists, but will boost the travel business. Tourists tend to prefer those travel apps with all the above features. The best mobile travel app should meet the tourist expectations. Hire a reliable mobile app development company that fulfills the needs and expectations of your travelers. If you want travelers to appreciate your travel app, implement all the above features in your travel app without fail.

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