25 great tips for attracting sales to your custom ecommerce website

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Perhaps we have lost count of the number of web pages competing for our attention. Interestingly only few thousand e-commerce websites make any significant revenue at all. Apart from a great website platform or selling high-quality products, there are many aspects that need to be taken care to improve the conversion rates. So, we decided to present 25 such tips to entrepreneurs who are looking to see an increase in traffic and sales.


25 great tips for attracting sales to your custom ecommerce website


Tip 1: Increase on-page SEO
Time and again, entrepreneurs do not heed the advice for maximizing the SEO for their websites. It is important to focus on the relevant keywords that can get the highly targeted audience to your website взять займ онлайн на карту без отказов. So, do what is necessary to increase or maximize the SEO of your custom ecommerce website.


Tip 2: Website Page Navigation
While navigating between the pages do not create any misleading or confusing distractions that could cause frustration to the users or first-time visitors.


Tip 3: Make good use of the keywords
Apart from placing the words at the right spot on the website, the words need to have an impact on the visitors. Make use of words that can leave a good impression and add value for your customers.


Tip 4: Great Descriptions make Great Impressions
A suggestion similar to earlier tip, with help of SEO you can strategize that your customers get clear descriptions of the services they are availing or products they are buying. Craft the descriptions that can effectively target the audience.


Tip 5: Always have responsive designs
Ask any website developer on the importance of responsive designs and he will say it’s the minimum requirement for websites today. Without a responsive design, your online store could be a huge let off for the customers who love easy view and navigation. With consumers turning on more onto their smartphones, a mobile-first strategy is very much mandatory for web stores.


Tip 6: Check out different website layouts
It is always important to know which website layout works best with customers. Test a few of the layouts and consistently monitor the results. The layout with the best customer conversion rates is the one for your e-commerce venture.


Tip 7: Option to personalize
Based on the user’s interests and track history ensure to provide the option to personalize. Apart from the same, provide recommendations, interactions or even feedback to users so that feel more attached to the store.


Tip 8: Attract first-time users with a discount/offer
For any custom ecommerce development or ecommerce website, one of the biggest challenges is in attracting and then acquiring new customers. One of the best ways to make an impression on first-time visitors is by offering a one-time discount or by providing other relevant offers.


Tip 9: Have dedicates section for only sales and offers
Similar to people interested in seeing the offers at display in a physical store, visitors are definitely looking for the information on the specials when they enter your online store. Ensure you have dedicated section/webpage that has all the relevant up to date information for the customers.


Tip 10: Make use of high-quality visuals of products
Our senses get more stimulated with visuals of products than by reading about the products. Make sure of having enough high-quality photos to match the description of the products.


Tip 11: Use the magic wand of special sales and deals
One of the tricks in the hat used by online marketers is by making offering special offers/sales. By creating urgency, it helps in better conversions for most of the products and increases the sales.


Tip 12: Site search function
For any website, the search button or function is one of most used functions. Visitors use it to seek the information or product they are looking for. Having an easy and user-friendly site search function helps visitors and makes them less likely to leave the website.


Tip 13: Make use of upselling & cross sell
With help of user track history, upsell or cross-sell a service or product as much as possible. Relevant ones can see better conversion rates more often.


Tip 14: Importance of cybersecurity
All customers want to be safe with their information .Provide adequate protection by partnering with a reputable site security provider. This also helps in providing the customers with a sense of security as well.


Tip 15: Multi-payment options
Options to accept from multiple ways can provide the much required flexible environment for a wide range of shoppers. By providing a liberal system, customers could also make of offers provided by their payment providers. All in all, it helps for better sales.


Tip 16: Being in the social factor
Customers are more likely to visit and make a purchase from an online store which displays feedback, endorsements, and testimonials from other consumers. This social factor helps in bringing an additional selling point for products.


Tip 17: Get Customer feedbacks
Apart from just displaying feedback, it is also important to ask the customer for the products they purchased. Apart from generating a social proof, it also brings in customer engagement and shows that the customers are valued.


Tip 18: Showcase the return & guarantee policy
Make every customer stress-free by stating clearly the policies on returns and refunds. The policies should be transparent and good to tackle all issues related to refunds or returns.


Tip 19: Contact and support information
Ensure that visitors are able to find easily the contact information for your custom ecommerce website. In this age of digital technology, the contact information is expected to have instant live-chat options, social media links apart from email and phone numbers.


Tip 20: Ridiculously Easy checkouts
A long complicated or multi-step process with checkouts could be detrimental for any ecommerce website. Customers would have spent a decent time shopping and would love an easy and quick checkout. So, have a simple checkout process in place even if it means to streamline the related processes. This would decrease the probability of customers abandoning their shopping cart.


Tip 21: Operating at the best Internet speed
Taking time for loading a page or navigating to a different page can lead to a poor shopping experience. Entrepreneurs need to ensure their online venture is operating at the best speed bandwidth at all times to avoid such shopping hurdles.


Tip 22: Have effective communication with customers
Effective communication with visitors or customers can have a great influence on them. One of the best ways to have this implemented is by having a professional customer relationship management application in place.


Tip 23: Streamline shipping costs
Shipping costs, when added up to the product cost, could at times dramatically increase the price of the product. It is important for businesses to lower and manage this cost so that customers can have the products at a lower cost. A lower shipping cost or even free shipping could dramatically increase the sales conversions.


Tip 24: Ensure best deal possible for all products
Entrepreneurs need to understand online customers have the advantage of checking the products, comparing the process in multiple websites or even checking them out at physical stores. So having the best deal possible including a price match guarantee can put consumers at ease, assuring them of the best prices and offers in place.


Tip 25: Be concise and Clear with customers
Whether you are pursuing the customers to purchase products/ sign up for newsletters/download eBooks or brochures, be concise and clear with visitors. This transparency measure helps in generating more trust and indirectly increases sales.


I am sure the above mentioned tips will help you in increasing sales at your ecommerce website immensely. In case you are looking for professional consultation or custom ecommerce development please contact Promatics Technologies and we will be happy to increase your revenue.

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