5 Novel App Ideas for 2022

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Technological advancement has propelled mobile usage to unprecedented heights. With the increase in electronic usage, most operations are carried through these devices. The focus shift to modern devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers has opened new avenues for app manufacturers. People fed up with runny web servers opt to operate apps that are comparatively easier to use and less time-consuming. It has prompted more attention to well-constructed apps. Due to their highly efficient connectivity and skyrocketing engagement levels. It is an apt representation of the audience’s pulse, which gives hidden clues on app manufacturing.



People mostly use apps to explore categories of their interests. Apps provide customers with unmatchable options which help them indulge in activities of their choice. Masses with shopping interests have countless shopping apps to explore their favorite trends. Similarly, other people with diverse interests have other likings, easily explorable through these apps. However, app developers are more focused on certain prospects, and there is a vacuum for certain niches. It reflects the importance of concentrating on these gaps to suit this industry’s more users. Today we will talk about the novel app ideas for 2022 that are bound to prosper in the future.


I.) Blockchain Accounting & Tax Apps

Blockchain is a technology that has gained immense popularity in recent times. Blockchain facilitates the tracking of transactions and assets in business networks. Moreover, it is capable of dealing with matters of security. It is a vital part of a business setup and requires high precision. Various apps have been developed to simplify Blockchain investments and bookkeeping of accounts and taxes. Blockchain is a technology incorporated in business setups. It has proven to be highly beneficial for worldwide businesses. Hence, Blockchain Accounting and tax records are pivotal to maintaining business fluency.



Numerous Blockchain apps have come to the forefront and dominated the market. These apps are mainly directed at cryptocurrency investments and trading. Cryptocurrency is thought to be the way forward. Therefore, it enjoys immense fame among the masses. Similarly, Blockchains are perceived to be highly beneficial in accounting and taxing. It has given shape to countless Blockchain Accounting and tax apps.



Blockchain apps are alternatively known as dApps. dApps have established themselves as efficient and easy-to-use applications, due to which they enjoy a vast customer base. Moreover, they give users a chance to land themselves a crypto airdrop which is a reason to install them. Some famous Blockchain apps include Uniswap, MAKERDAO, Binance, Gemini, etc. These apps have been widely used worldwide. However, they still indicate a need for improvement with them being short of their potential.



Many users have complained about unreliable applications that are mere frauds in the name of cryptocurrency and inefficient accounting indexes. It is established that the niche has huge engagement and audience, but improvement and modifications in these apps are the need of the hour. Working on modifying these apps holds prized returns for app developers. Therefore, minute investments should not keep them from tapping a large market.


II.) AR Travel Apps

Traveling apps have been provided impetus by the ever-increasing involvement of AR in apps. AR stands for Augmented Reality, a technology that provides viewers with immersive viewing experiences through graphical editing. Sites existing in the real world are beautified by visually appealing graphics that resonate with the audiences and draw interest from them. In the context of travel apps, AR has been a game-changer. Although travel apps have always had their share of following, AR has transcended this field to unseen elevations. It has also grown into other fields and promises to enchant audiences with enhanced graphics. The potential of AR to present normal things as luxurious makes it a win-win business option.


Travel freaks are always on the lookout for top tourist destinations. The primary advantage of AR Travel Apps is the wide audience they attract. Enhanced graphics guarantee a competent representation of historical places and famous monuments in numerous countries. It has opened the doors for more tourism, but it also introduced people of diverse backgrounds to places unknown to them. Travel freaks do not only use these apps but normal people who travel rarely. It is because of normal human nature which thrives from experiencing different landscapes, may it be on the mobile screen. Moreover, its success in the travel industry can translate to transformation in other industries like transport, accommodation, transit, etc.


Some app developers have made the travel niche their primary focus. It is because of the realization that AR apps are the way forward. When AR is combined with travel, it makes up for a lethal combination that promises mass usage. Smartify is one of the most famous AR Travel Apps. It is available for both Android and iOs. It is a perfect representation of history and heritage. Putting the camera on any artifact or monument through Smartify produces a detailed history of the object or place. The feature has attracted countless people to increase their knowledge. Other AR Travel Apps include Night Sky, Wikitude, Horizon Explorer, etc.


III.) In-Store Shopping Apps

Today in-store shopping apps enjoy a large audience. Shopping is an activity enjoyed by many people. People are also willing to stay updated on emerging fashion trends, favorite brands, and product availability. For this, in-store shopping apps prove to be a handful. These apps are specifically crafted for a niche, a no-go in most cases. However, putting in perspective the popularity of shopping as an activity, it goes without saying that developing in-store shopping apps is a no-brainer. It is an untapped market that can reap profitable rewards for app developers.


5 Unique App Ideas


In-store shopping apps guide buyers about product availability at various stores, price comparisons, and product information and help build virtual carts. These apps are highly beneficial for shopping freaks who want to avoid the hassle of running into shops and returning without their favorite products. Guides on product availability save customers trips that are tiring. Hence, they physically influence customers’ lives, which is why they enjoy support from users. However, they cannot afford misinformation with the need of being totally on point with their information.


IV.) Continuous Glucose Monitoring Apps

There is a conscious effort to maintain better fitness levels to improve overall health by people. Moreover, people are touchy about their physique and prefer to keep track of their intake and calories. Calorie deficits are managed, which play an important role in weight maintenance. Similarly, managing glucose intake is given great importance by people. It is primarily because of the harmful effects of excess usage of glucose. The excessive presence of glucose in the bloodstream gives birth to various ominous diseases. These include heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, etc.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring Apps play an important role in maintaining equilibrium in glucose intake. They are highly popular among fitness freaks and are paramount to their fitness routines. Glucose Monitoring Apps have been incorporated into the fitness regimes of countless people. Glucose Buddy and Medical ID are two apps widely used by people. Medical ID is popular because of its medical information, which can come in handy in emergencies. Glucose Monitoring Apps like these have been effective in tracking blood sugar and have a bright future because of their ability to solve serious problems.


V.) All in One Subscription Apps

There is an emphasis on subscribing to various services and platforms. The most famous subscription platform is Netflix, an OTT entertainment platform providing captivating and quality content to users globally. Similarly, countless other subscription platforms are used by customers in line with their interests. However, managing the finances and billing of these subscriptions can induce headaches for customers. However, these headaches can be eradicated by using All in One Subscription Apps that keep track of all subscriptions.



These apps record billing history and due payments and notify customers of approaching payment deadlines. Moreover, dealing with complex cancellation terms is tricky for customers. Subscriptions can be easily canceled through these apps. All the functions make them a brilliant choice for customers holding multiple subscriptions. Notable apps include Billbot, Truebill, Subby, Bobby, and Recur. These apps have impressed customers with their efficient service and customer support. There is still a huge gap in the market for new apps. It is a golden opportunity for app developers to enter a new market and make significant revenues.


App ideas are plenty and some out-of-the-box ideas are surely fun to play with. Make sure you validate your app idea and have conducted comprehensive research before taking the plunge.

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