5 tips that make your App Lovable

Now is the time when Gen Y is shifting focus from computers to Smart devices. Surfing Facebook or shopping from eBay has got mobile. Apps have made our life easier – be it a torch guiding to the dark basement during a power cut or games that help kill boring bus journeys and lazy weekends. When in a new place, it is smart phones that guide you to local cafes, restaurants and even grocery stores. Apps come with the advantages of being taken everywhere and it is obvious that businesses can do a great deal investing upon a tool that can place itself high on popularity. However, with dozens of apps getting added to the marketplace as you read, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered to get the best out of the investment. An app that doesn’t get enough takers is a loss project.
What makes an app interesting?
1.Considering the human element
In some cases, people do judge a book by its cover! No matter what your app has been built for, it should be appealing in every aspect. There would be many who would be considering the color scheme, layout, navigations and other primary features to judge the quality and usability of the app. Consider the demographic your app is intended for. If it is a game, it needs to be colorful, full of graphics and fun. On the other hand, a professional app like office managers needs to look simple while being useful. Too much color would be considered loud and “non professional”.
2.Speed matters
Regardless of it being a web app or a native app, users will only care how fast it does the intended job. Speed factor could really be something that would matter when it is availed for the public. A good hosting that comes with high security and performance is the perfect recipe for success. If your app is hogging too much of the device RAM or is draining too much of battery, sure that it will be deleted within some days. There are various alternatives availing the same functionalities.
3.Simplicity and performance
Smart phones are resourceful but at the same time they are power hungry. Thus, it is very important to design apps that are highly compatible, resource friendly and wont crash too often. Most of the users won’t care reporting an error and would straight delete the app from their device. Thus, it is completely your responsibility to offer a smooth experience.
4.Offer what you promise and promise what you offer
No one has won cheating and once your reputation is questioned, you are simply out of competition. To beat the competition, an app needs to be genuine and deliver what it promises. There are a lot of misleading apps but they don’t stay long. One bad review from a user and your app is out of the market.
5.Minimize bugs
The best apps are delivered completely tested and error free. Bug fixing should be a top priority and not every user will wait to report and wait for a bug fix update to arrive. Test the app on a wide range of devices and mobile emulators. A through testing cycle will definitely give our app a relatively longer life in the user’s device and bring down the rate of uninstalls.
With more than a million apps in the iOS store alone, there is tuff competition to face for very new app that arrives in the market. It is just not important that users download and install your app but that it stays long in their device. Promatics’ seasoned mobile developers make sure the above guidelines are taken care of and you get the maximum ROI on your investment.

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