6 Quick Elements for an Impressive Mobile App

With umpteenth number of applications flocking the app store everyday, your concern for developing a successful mobile app is completely justified. It goes without saying that an app which can face the cutting edge competition and survival of the fittest strategy emerges as the winner.
Here’s a breakdown of the formula to making a great mobile app:
1. Do not disturb what you already offer
Understating the mobile context at the time of its use is imperative. It is never a good idea to upset your existing offering through your app. If you have a website, your app should support it and not imitate it. After all, the requirements of a desktop user are different from those of the mobile app users. Apps based on cameras, maps and locations services are finest examples of knowing the mobile context both at home and on the move.
2. Follow the keep it simple rule
The secret behind the success of most of the mobile app is simplicity and real-world tasks. Sophistication is not meant for a mobile app at least! This explains why the damn easy apps like Dropbox, Instagram, Flipboard and Met Office are so popular.
3. Provide value to the user
Users will stick to your app and be patient enough to fill up your long form with their personal data only if they get real value from it. Users provide info in medical, recruitments and train journeys apps because they know that it is worth it.
4. Meet changing behaviors and create new habits
Users are becoming more and more app dependant for performing their daily operations, from checking their bank balances or purchasing things. Make sure you app caters to these shifts in behaviors and creates new habits.
5. Track user behavior and analytics
Make it a habit of checking user behaviors, analytics and feedbacks of your users to stay up-dated and to improve continually to save your app from becoming obsolete. Most of the mobile apps perish due to negligence of this factor.
6. Focus on your core area
Don’t tend to deviate from your primary purpose of designing the app. Follow only those rules which do not contradict your objectives.
Happy apps designing!

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