6 Steps To Choose The Right CMS For Your Website

In this digital era, having an impressive website is inevitable for every entrepreneur to showcase the key features and USPs of his or her business. While most budding entrepreneurs would go for the conventional way of hiring website designers and getting their websites designed for PHP or HTML, many are now opting to go for open source CMS or Content Management System to meet their website related needs. In fact, CMS is being considered as an extremely powerful tool when it comes to creating a web interface which is not only easy to use for a user at the front end but also easy to maintain and edit for the designer at the back end. In order to understand just how powerful a tool CMS can be, one must first dwell in what it exactly is and why is it being preferred over the conventional way of web design.


6 Steps To Choose The Right CMS For Your Website


What is CMS and why should one use it?


A Content Management System is, according to the most basic definition an Internet application that uses database technology to make, revise and store data in a way that it can be accessed and managed easily. It helps developers design a website specifically meant to make the creation and handling of data easier for both the viewer at the front end and the designer at the back end.


A web development company would suggest the use of a CMS over a regular HTML or PHP website these days since it makes the entire process of data handling simpler and more efficient. One must, however, understand and identify the various factors involved in choosing the right CMS, specific to one’s needs. The following pointers might come in handy while recognizing which CMS is best for you.


Do your Research


Doing extensive research before settling for a particular CMS is imperative. With a plethora of CMS services available on the web, a user is first required to understand exactly what he is trying to achieve with the website and then proceed towards choosing the right CMS for the job. One can visit websites, find information regarding the variety of CMS available, look at existing website examples and consult experts before investing in a particular CMS.


Try and Test


Most CMS related service providers allow you to go for a test run before you choose to hire their services and expertise. This is your opportunity to see if a particular CMS fits your needs without having to make any investment. Choose a CMS that matches your requirement of core functionality and usability before making a purchase.


Pay attention to the editor


All Content Management Systems have a central feature called the editor. It is the interface that allows content providers to choose the layout and design of the content they are uploading. While certain editors allow users to exercise control over everything from the font color to border alignments, there are other editors that allow only basic formatting thus making the user focus more on the content. Mostly, it is advised to go for the latter option since it ensures uniformity and consistency of design. CMS like WordPress are ranked highly in this regard.


The search bar


Although all CMS will provide users with a search function, most are inadequate and unsatisfying. A search function should be able to update it as more content is added to the website. It should be fast, thorough and should search across all file formats. It should understand what the user is looking for and rank content accordingly. Make sure to look out for these features in the search function while choosing the CMS. Drupal is an example of a CMS that has an extensive search bar.




Customer support is one field where most CMS lag behind the ones considered best. Users hardly ever call customer support and as a result most providers do not pay much emphasis to this service. Choosing a CMS with a 24×7 customer support is advised since it ensures hands on help for the customer at all times.




Finally uniqueness is a key factor that one should consider while choosing a CMS. You can either go for a CMS that allows the creation of a website in a standard format or you can go for one which allows a number of customizations thus making your website unique. While the former is easier and cheaper, the latter is more complex and more expensive. Free and open source platforms like WordPress, Joomla are in great demand these days for creating mobile compatible and easy to use websites.


Hiring the right Partner


Promatics is a leading web development company catering to the needs of individuals and organizations worldwide. It needs a skilled IT team to assist you in choosing the right content management system as your website is the most important asset of your marketing arsenal. Our seasoned consultants will help you determine the best CMS for your organization and provide you the most cost effective solution. For details on our web development services and assistance with CMS tools, please Contact Promatics today.


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