7 Golden rules to engineer scalability in your product

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You have pursued your passion as an entrepreneur. This has always been what you wanted. However, the fact that it is your passion does not associate it with success. Success as an entrepreneur requires more than the basic ingredient of workmanship, hard work and consistency. But of course, you cannot sit back their prior to a launch of product thinking it will be a success or not. That will be so much of a waste of time, money and assets. A better idea will be to fabricate scalability in a product in the course of the engineering procedure. This definitely gives you idea enough that the road to success, to reach milestones, to establish paradigm is somehow associated with making engineer scalability in your product.

In order to aid you in the process, here are provided with some interesting, effective yet simple tips for all those of you, who are in the process to make and scale a tech product:-


7 Golden rules to engineer scalability in your product


1. Your idea needs authentication– the product you are planning to launch is definitely associated with your passion. But, at the same time for it to be liked by the masses, it should be of use to them. Hence, don’t just start acting on an idea. If you have some idea gives it a thought process. Does the product have a fair chance to be likeable? Or, will it be thrown in the pool of unsuccessful startups. Hence, you have to make sure that what the market traction of your product is. You have to understand with respect to your saturated market as well. In fact, it at the same time significant to make sure that your niche qualifies for a tech product or not. Other than all these aspects a perfect tip will be to develop an MPV. This will aid in concluding to a feedback rather sooner and reach the apt result.


2. You need a product manager– The CEO or the COO will put forth a particular idea in front of their team. The entire team will work together. However, the team needs a product manager or a product owner to develop and implement the idea. Hence, there is a need for you to hire a product manager. But, just thinking about the same won’t lead the best of results. You need to be really sure that the product
manager has the decision making capability and is capable of working in a dynamic environment. And, when you are out there looking for one, make sure that he or she has an engineering background. With the aid of the latter he or she will be able to associate the technical details which drive the product.


3. Scaling the project– an imperative decision with regards to startups and entrepreneurship is whether you are hiring an in house team or outsourcing the development procedure. The best advice in this context will be to measure scalability by executing dry run scenarios. This will aid in the process to foresee the needs and want of the company. And if, perchance you have decided on the outsourcing of the services, you need to be really careful with respect to the future need and perspective of your product in order to avail best results.


4. Which is the apt methodology? – This is again of paramount importance. You  must be well aware of the fact, that there are two well known methodologies, the Agile methodology and the Waterfall methodology. The former provides scope for iteration of product, innovation in technology and inculcating customer feedback. However, the waterfall methodology relies on the embryonic requirements. The advantage associated with the Agile methodology is that it maintains complete transparency in the projects. It at the same time inculcates daily stand ups and sprints. You are required to decide on one, in accordance with your need.


5. Which is your tech stack? – You have to be really sure with respect to the technology stack you are planning on. When you are in the process of scaling a product from the engineering level you have to invest in the apt technology stack for best outcomes. This implies some really imperative decisions to be made. The decisions center on whether you need app service, web service or both of them. If you have decided on app serviced you are again required to decide on iOS or Android or both. Similarly, if you have concluded with a web service, the imperative decision lies on the front end or back end service. with a plethora of programming service available you are required to decide with respect to the same, from the options like Java, PHP, Python, and Nodejs. It is again imperative to be sure of the client language or the browser side scripting. The latter involves, Angular JS, Backbone JS, and Redis etc. And, again, you cannot obliterate the server decision which can be AWS, Azure or the Google Cloud. In order to come to a conclusion with respect to the above, it is advisable to hire the outsourcing developing team. these professional developers will be in the best position to decide on all of the above.


6. Envision your tech product-it is imperative that you are able to envision your tech product. When you are initiating the development, you will be required to provide your real time business to the development team. when you give details with respect to your business to the developers, they will be in a better position to
visualize the products. so, make sure they are well aware of the buyers’ persons. It at the same time is significant for them to understand with respect to the number of expected users, so that they have an idea with respect to the type of servers.

They should be made aware that your product is a one feature shop or it has many numbers of features. They need to be known with respect to the life expectancy of your products.


7. Sell, sell and sell– you do not have to wait for the product building to start selling. That leaves you with the pondering that how can you sell an unfinished product.This is where the Agile methodology comes to your rescue. With the Agile methodology you will always have a version of the product which is market ready.

The biggest advantage of selling the initial version of the product is that it gives you the very important feedback which is of immense significance for your business and success. And of course, the other benefits associated with the same, involve instant validation, iteration of the product and building engagement. With these features you will have a very effective strategy to follow and reach the success you aspire to.

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