7 reasons why custom mobile apps make you more productive

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For everything I use apps.

Perhaps it’s the blood of this millennium running in my veins or a universal desire to achieve as much as possible whilst performing as little as in any way possible, but once I wish for pulling off a job or doing something more successfully I go hunting in the app store.

Usually I can get what I’m seeking – whether it’s an app for meditation, finding a girlfriend (or no less than trying), or sharing pretty puppy photos.

Then again, nothing upsets me more than when I’m unable to locate an app that does precisely what I would like, or worse, I may get an app that intends to do the thing I desire, but does so utterly awfully.

Such problems get much worse when it comes to business. In fact, the finest app is not necessarily the finest app for all businesses, because each business comprises unique procedures and requirements.

Actually, a business requires is a custom application which has been designed for its business. Formerly, this has habitually been unreasonable time consuming, hard, and costly – calling for an in-house team, a high-priced contractor, or extremely magnanimous friends with an aptitude for app development. The expense and problems of these choices has left the majority of businesses kept trying the next best thing – a third party application the company agrees on.
Fortunately that’s all changing. Now we get apps to generate apps. Similar to Skynet in the Terminator we can go on making our businesses increasingly better with negligible outside intervention and before long we will be capable of killing and enslaving all the third party apps that we previously called master. Thus the world is rapidly becoming any business’s digital oyster.

Though perhaps not allowing you to explore and wipe out your competition, businesses can make apps suitable for the company and its customers’ precise requirements. Due to numerous reasons a custom application is better for businesses compared to a usual old application. Here is not one, or not even two, but seven of them.

7 reasons why custom mobile apps make you more productive

No. 1: With less deployment, you get more sanity

The days of the boundless loading bar are gone – the curse of all productivity and the reason for so many chewed finger nails. Whereas at one time new applications had to be meticulously and separately installed across businesses, nowadays employees across a business are able to access applications almost immediately by means of cloud technology.

On the cloud custom applications are live and running even when you are making and editing them. Consequently, cloud platforms do away with the necessity to deploy your applications, saving costs for infrastructure, reducing time lost to the tiresome job of installation, and chiefly safeguarding the sanity of the employees and cutting the cost of office space-esq employee melt downs.

No. 2: You can scale your data similar to a champ

Which will sound better: ‘The Cloud’ or ‘Data Center’?

I think ‘the cloud’ is the clear answer. ‘Data center’ sounds about as much enjoyable as chewing on a pack of extra sharp razor blades. ‘The cloud’ in contrast sounds absolutely magical… and well, it sort of is.

We breathe in the age of large data. More and more businesses are using and storing enormous and rising amounts of data. This may be costly, but by way of cloud storage business owners are able to save considerably and scale their data storage without scaling the physical size of their business.

No. 3: If you don’t lose your data, you won’t lose your customers

In the era of Snowden, cyber-warfare, and cyber-insecurity, guarding data is critical to the achievement of any business. In accordance with the Ponemon Institute, in 2010 criminal data breaches typically cost victim companies $318 per compromised record. That cost is habitually crippling to a small business and enormously damaging to bigger businesses that have been hacked like Yahoo and Target.

A lot of data breaches happen just due to human error causing improper network setup or breakdown to upgrade leaving precious data vulnerable. If you host applications on the cloud – as in the case of custom applications – you won’t have to panic about server setups or usual upgrades for keeping your data secure. Therefore, the risk of losing your data is appreciably lower and so is the risk of losing your most precious customers.

No. 4: If you don’t go mobile, you’ll have to go home

Desktops are vanishing quickly in the way of the dinosaur and so are the businesses that can’t go mobile. Customers have been taking on mobile devices at top rate and more and more making purchases on their mobile devices – mobile now comprises 50.3 percent of all e-commerce traffic.

When businesses produce a custom application on platforms such as Zoho Creator their apps get automatically enabled for mobile and set for use by mobile teams. This implies time was not wasted in rebuilding applications for diverse devices and so capital was not wasted on buying hoards of diverse applications which subsequently have to be optimized for diverse devices. Teams are capable of working from any device on a mobile optimized custom application, at any time of the day, being in the office, traveling, or staying at home.

No. 5: Integration means efficiency

As there is an app for everything – or nearly everything – obviously businesses use lots of third party services to keep the lights on. Apps exist for employee communication, project management, accounting, invoicing, customer relations management, inventory management, expense management, file sharing, and anything else under the sun.

The workday of an employee may take in 10 diverse tabs and 3 different browsers. This indicates that more time is spent changing from one application to another and less time truly working and communicating with co-workers – wasted efficiency, wasted time, and wasted dollars. But with a platform like Creator, businesses are able to make all of their services speak to one another, in one place, and in one application.

No. 6: $$$$$$$$$$

Everyone likes saving money. That can be difficult when you are paying out every hard earned dollar for the hottest costly software which may or may not help you to keep your business running efficiently.

Fortunately, custom applications not only let you save money by lashing employee efficiency and purchasing fewer applications, but also let you not spend all your money immediately. This is due to the fact that these platforms are both more reasonably priced than packaged software and, more significant, allow you to pay only for what you use rather than paying for a large suite of products of which you use only a few.

Therefore when you use a custom application you save and spend your capital in a more professional way.

No. 7: Cross-collaboration

I’ve always marveled how wonderful it would have been if Mario and Luigi could have collaborated.

What Mario and Luigi required was a custom application.

Custom applications are planned out of the box for cross-collaboration. In a progressively more mobile world it no longer makes sense for businesses, or video game characters, to get their full team assembled into a single meeting room for discussing reports and making decisions. That’s wasted time that could be spent making sales, generating leads, and creating new products. With a custom application, employees across the world and across departments are capable of adding, updating, retrieving data, or sharing reports instantly.

To sum up … custom applications are overwhelming.

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