7 Signs Your Mobile App Developer Is Terrible

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For a mobile app to be designed and developed, we can develop ourselves, make use of an in-house team or outsource it to an app development company.  Often working on tight budgets, most entrepreneurs find it more convenient and wise to outsource the whole design and development to an app development company.


This usual strategy often helps businessmen in lessening their stress with respect to app development as most of the app companies have a complete and dedicated team for doing the analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of the app. It helps in creating the perfect app experience.


However, there are times when entrepreneurs are unable to get to the right mobile app developer. Everybody loves to give their dream concept to the best hands in the industry so that the final product brings the best results for the business. Although there are cost considerations, references, portfolio which are still factors to consider for choosing the right developer, there are some visible signs that need to be looked before arriving at the crucial decision.


Presenting the seven signs that are often ignored, yet are crucial in identifying the right mobile app developer.


7 Signs Your Mobile App Developer Is Terrible


#1 Stay away from the ‘Yes Men’

While it is great to work with a group of flexible minds, these type of app developers basically agrees to anything and everything that is proposed with absolutely no questions asked. With increasing competition, some companies and developers would go to any length to get those beautiful contracts. In desperate attempts, they tend to tell the clients what would be pleasing and say “yes” to everything that comes on their way.


For an entrepreneur who has spent hours on the business logic and context, the right mobile app developer should be someone who can contribute to the insights. To be more precise, the developer should be to able to evaluate how existing technology could be used to achieve the business goals.


A good professional app developer would always guide through the development lifecycle and offer creative inputs based on their rich experience.  They would take interests in the business by providing honest feedback and explain the various techniques to achieve the business targets.


#2 Verbal and Email Office communication

In most cases, the interactions with the mobile app developer happen over the phone or over an email. Understand the kind of language that is used in the communication. Analyze the word choices and pay close attention to see if the response is customized or templated.


True, the app may not need much-written communication, but the communication standards do give the picture of the knowledge of the developer on the specific subjects. In most cases, entrepreneurs should be able to figure out whether the app developer is using a bookish or jargon-heavy language. Listening is also an important component of communication as it also helps in evaluating whether the mobile app developer understands the requirements before offering their services. The right mob app developer would always look to communicate in a language understandable to the entrepreneurs and also ensure that choice of words conveys the concepts and business logic.


#3 Attentive and Responsive approach

Another visible sign is the time taken for any response. Some reports show that almost 50% of sales go to vendors who respond first to the customer queries. Again it seems around a significant percentage of sales is abandoned after one follow-up with potential clients.


Quick response to customer queries shows the interest of the developer to offer the services. Most mobile app development companies use the system of automated replies to email inquiries. However, when the inquiry is sent with specifics and business requirements, it is expected to have been read and responded by a human. A customized message at the earliest is anticipated in all such cases.


#4 Social Information

Social presence of an app development company shows the grip it has on the market and their business interests. It shows their intent in the market to build their own brand.


By looking at the focus of the company, their outlooks towards industry and their communication style (especially the manner in which the developers share their thoughts or concepts with the audience in social media channels), one can easily figure the credibility of the development team.


#5 Analyse the Design strategy

For any app development, the design team plays a crucial role. They are involved from the start and are expected to bring out the initial draft of the proposed User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience (UX).


Analyze the designing strategies used, while shortlisting the mobile app developer. Get an idea of their design methodologies by looking at the clients and portfolio.  Design skills can also be evaluated by checking the app developer’s website.


Besides, every operating system has design guidelines for app development and on the dynamics of how the operating system handles the user flow. The app development company needs to have an up to date knowledge on these areas and be able to bring out custom designs based on these factors.


#6 The hardware and software they use

The minds that design and develop the apps needs to be technically sound to bring out the best solutions. The mobile app developer needs to have an active interest in the domain and have a good knowledge of the current market to build a great app.


Entrepreneurs need to interact with them personally on the software applications they use (like project management software or any recent apps), the hardware they have or the smart devices or the mobile devices they own. Interesting discussions would give an insight to their knowledge of market trends and technical know-hows.


#7 Price

Great mobile apps need a strong conceptual foundation, successful planning, an excellent ecosystem and a top-grade talent in both design and development stages. In technology, the majority of investment goes to the software application.  Designing, developing and deploying a quality app comes with market experience. Hence, a prime mobile app developer would come with a certain price tag. True, there is no single accepted estimator when it comes to finding the cost of an app. However, it is often recommended to invest in a quality team at the very beginning rather going with a developer who agreed on very low prices.  In numerous cases, going with the cheapest app developer has resulted in a waste of time and money apart from the frustration of having the things re-done.

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