7 Strategies to Help Breathe Life into Your Dying App

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As the modern world got transformed into a colossal cauldron full of technical advancements and scientific progressions, the world of telecommunication flourished like never before. It has become the bread and butter earner for millions across the world who design and develop apps for new age telecommunication gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Now app developers always stand a chance to face struggle in making their apps run successfully in the contemporary market. Hindrances and difficulties do come up where one is unsuccessful in making his app popular among global buyers. In this write up you will come across few tips and tricks which will help you a lot in justifying the effort you did put in making the app.


7 Strategies to Help Breathe Life into Your Dying App


1. The paid-to free-campaign Strategy

This is by far what most app developers are following in recent times. The trick is to suddenly convert a paid application into a free app for few days. You will be flabbergasted to see the rise I traffic as app users always tends to go for free stuff in the play store. Don’t think that you will be undergoing huge loss as this will give you a huge boost in the near future. The “free” thing will be active only for few days and the in app purchases will be there. Just wait and watch the fun as your app gains more popularity due to bulk free download.


2. The magic of app store optimization

Now one thing which must be considered while designing and developing an app is that optimization of the apps is very much important. You should have a clear picture about the keywords which app user’s type in the app store. Do try to put in relevant words in your app name. These will help to bring them on the first page of the search results when the app users seek for a desired app. Managing the keywords properly and changing them after a certain period is a very important part if you wish to boost the downloads of your app.


3. The importance of publishers

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you will find that your app is not getting downloaded that much as you wants. Neither the traffic is increasing. No tricks and plans are working out which can give them a boost and you might feel disappointed and perhaps will feel that you have not put up a decent job. Now this is not the case. You can easily induce life in such dead apps by collaborating them with external sources. DO get in touch with game developers and ask them to backlink your app with their games. When users download the apps and play it, the ad of your app will get featured somewhere in the game and high chances will be created where people might get interested in downloading them and start using.


4. The trick lies in the design

Honestly speaking, the popularity of any app depends on the design and the look of the app as it is entirely a visual element. Always try to come up with a catchy design of the app so that potential users are bound to have a second look at them and download them to check out what it is all about. This does not mean that you will put up false graphical promises to draw users towards your app. Just try to make it sure that the thumbnail, the screenshot and the overall look of the interface is appealing. Make it flashy and colorful to draw user’s attention.


5. Add more languages

The open secret behind apps popularity depends upon how many people download and uses it. One does not make app just or local users. Developers do have a hidden wish in them to make their app go viral in the global market. In order to do this, one must make the app multilingual. More languages should be added other than English to make it user friendly among users of nations where English is not the predominant language. Under the same segment, local languages should also be added to make the app more popular among people of your town, city or state. Keeping only a single language may repel global users from getting inclined to your apps. This is one of the most amazing tricks which immensely helps out mobile app development.


6. Make it popular on Social Media Sites

On an honest note, the modern world runs by social media sites. If you are planning to boost the download of your app, you must make it surfaced on social media sites, especially Facebook. Book a paid add where your app name and logo will come up in front of FB users. You need to avail a paid service for it to get premium service in return. Billions of people across the globe surf Facebook page per day, and there are high chances that your add will be visible to at least few million people.


7. Sell the App under any circumstances

Just trying out new and innovative ways to promote your app will not do. You need to sell your app at the end of the day to consider it to be a successful campaign. This is the final mobile app development move which must be taken under any circumstances to complete the entire cycle.

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