7 Web Development Trends that are Dominating 2020

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Increased internet penetration and widespread usage have brought upon an era of the continually evolving world of the web. With that, web-based businesses face the constant pressure of keeping up in an ever-evolving marketplace. They are on a continuing mission of improving the quality consistently. Regardless of the nature of offering the business offers to its customers, a growing web presence remains the necessary prerequisite today.


Following the latest web development trends in the global community helps businesses implement software solutions and leverage technologies that drive the popularity of their products or services.



Here in this article, we discuss web development trends 2020 that can help business stay ahead in the game:


1.) Progressive Web Apps

The topic of web application development is incomplete without the mention of PWAs. Introduced way back in 2015 by Google, Progressive Web Apps have consistently grown to remain a web development trend even in the year 2020.


It’s true that the faster web page loads, the higher they rank in Google search results. Even users find slow page loading as the most irritating thing about a web page. According to machmetrics.com, as the page load speed deteriorates from 1s to 3s, the bounce rate shoots up by 32%. PWAs are the kind of web apps that can help businesses overcome the problem of user abandonment. While progressive web apps load like regular websites, they execute high-level functionality of applications. With progressive web apps, users can access all information and capabilities without downloading it. Thanks to progressive web apps, modern users can enjoy app-like experiences right in their browsers.



PWAs can revolutionize the way businesses function online. Not only are they search-engine friendly, but they also do not take up much of the storage space either. Further, they allow users to add an app icon to their home screen without visiting an app store, thus being easily accessible. PWAs are built to feature highly responsive user interfaces and sophisticated APIs. They are compatible with multiple operating systems and can work in offline mode. Because they are served over HTTPS, PWAs are reliable and secure options. High performance that PWAs promised to businesses improves user engagement. What’s more is that each PWA has a specific URL linked to it, which is not published on official app stores. Thus, Progressive Web Applications can be instant wins for the application’s overall user experience.



2.) Hyper Automation

Since Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is central to all digital transformation and technology innovation taking place today, hyper-automation is a crucial trend outshining in the year 2020.


Businesses can indeed use accuracy, speed, and reliability to their advantage, and it is precisely what artificial intelligence promises. Successful automation for web-based companies begins with the use of AI tech, and it is a viral trend in web development too. With AI, web development companies are easing down the process of web development by skipping the need to write repetitive code. Further, AI algorithms promise the right solutions quickly.


Very often, businesses face complex scenarios and look for experienced developers to make their websites more robust. Automation enhances the quality of your web apps or services. AI allows hyper-automation for businesses wherein it facilitates data collection by using AI-powered chatbot, superior user experience with intelligent chatbots, and accurate customer behavior analysis. AI-powered self-learning algorithms help customize search results for users and offer a stellar experience.


3.) Modular Design

The modular design has made it to the list of the best web development trends of the year 2020 and rightly so.


Web developers have embraced modular design because it allows them to reuse components and modules to create web pages and avoid a restrictive template. Even top web development companies use it to create content blocks for displaying information is a powerful way. When it comes to the modular design, it’s essential that each piece interlocks with another seamlessly to achieve a web page that makes sense. This makes modular design a faster and cheaper way to web development bringing forth similar end-goal products.


Modularity offers distinct advantages to development teams like a more straightforward and more effective web application architecture and maintaining a better quality of an application with lesser code etc. It’s important to note that the modular web application architecture is elegant and straightforward and eliminates unnecessary latency, scalability concerns, and complexity associated with web development. Thanks to the modular design, web development is reduced to its components, making it much easier for web developers to navigate. Not to mention, it is so in a cost-effective fashion.





4.) Single Page Web Apps

2020 is all about convenience. Businesses do not want the dual hardship of maintaining a website as well as a mobile app. Since smartphone usage takes a surge, most companies are deciding to develop one quality app with a responsive design to achieve sustainability. While PWAs drive mobile engagement and building a simple single-page web app (SPA) allows loading of individual HTML pages from the server, load markup, and data to dynamically render them on a single web page.


A web application that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting a page rather than loading entire new pages from a server is called a single page web app. Here web developers place the different parts of a website on a single long page. Web app users generally scroll, use links to navigate to various sections of the website. SPAs use web APIs for performing most of the user interface logic instead of generating the logic in a server-side form. They not only boost performance successfully but also eliminates the need for a user to reload a page.


A single-page web app offers seamless user interaction between consecutive pages of a web app. They ease out the navigation experience by swirling menus and adapt to all devices beautifully. SPAs work wonderfully well on touchscreen desktops and laptops, promising better performance and shorter development times. Businesses that desire to build a sophisticated user interface with rich functionality, often opt for SPAs.


5.) Motion User Interface

Since most web developers understand the need for a smooth transition, especially when there are animated objects, Motion UI is getting popular in 2020. Given how the GIF animation and Motion UI can work together, the trend is all set to run ablaze in the future too.


Intense competition among business online often leaves them battling for a user’s attention. Motion UI can be leveraged as a great attention-grabber that can satisfy the demand for interactive web design. Motion UI is essentially a Saas library that is used for creating UI transitions and animations for web solutions.


The immense popularity of Motion UI stems from the fact that web development experts can choose to animate their content without struggling with JavaScript or jQuery. The sign-up popups are simple animation that adds some interaction to the account page while they communicate the brand language. It shows how Motion UI can improve user experience on the website, as well as add aesthetics to its structure.


6.) Voice search

Voice optimization is vast in digital experience curated in 2020. Through the impressive voice search technology, people can search for information online using voice prompts. Voice search technology adds the element of convenience to the web experience.


Voice search algorithms are programmed to answer simple and direct questions swiftly and far more accurately than indirect questions. Web development companies must not only leverage the opportunities in the field of AI, Machine Learning but also structure web page content in such a way that voice-enabled devices and search engines can understand it easily. Along with seamless navigation, it is essential to format the content properly using subheadings and bullets.


With speech recognition, you can benefit by enhancing the user experience. Voice search can be a lucrative opportunity to acquire new users leading to more organic search traffic and conversion. Most modern voice user interfaces not only understand but also act on complex voice commands. Some web developers combine voice user interface with machine learning to predict the needs of the users.


7.) Chatbots

Customer service remains the secret sauce behind the success of all thriving businesses. Modern web developers have found a way to initiate interaction between companies and customers, even after working hours and when the customer service agents aren’t around. Web development trends 2020 are dominated by chatbots.


Chatbots facilitate instant answers to users’ questions if any. Businesses use chatbots to foster real-time customer engagements and to collect immediate feedback. Chatbots can automate marketing and analytical processes. Backed by AI and machine learning tech, Chatbots are smarter than before and can now solve even complex problems. Functions like asking users to complete a transaction, answer their queries, and redirect them to the appropriate portions of the website are well executed with chatbots.


In The End

The term ‘web development’ includes a gamut of services including that of web designers, developers, and other related tech-savvy individuals. Above discussed, the latest web development trends like PWAs, Single-page web apps, Motion UI, voice search, and chatbots are the current hits on the web development circuit 2020.


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