App Development for Wearable Devices: A Big Trend in 2015

Different mobile app development experts have predicted that 2015 will be the year for wearable gadgets. Not only for the geeks, these modern devices are being designed keeping in mind each and every tech-savvy people. Wearable technology is taking leap in every aspect with the passage of time. The most interesting application of this modern technology is the synthesis and amalgamation of different expertise to produce a hybrid gadget. Big data and artificial intelligence are the core of this kind of gadget. Tracking regular calorie expenditure, getting inbound messages, using vocal commands for performing actions are some of the uses of wearable technology.


App Development for Wearable Devices: A Big Trend in 2015


There are different types of wearable gadgets that will grab our attention in 2015. Smart watches, hand gears, fitness trackers and Google glasses have already flooded the market. This year, mainly three kinds of trends are being expected in this sector. Firstly, smart watches are here to stay. The second most important trend will be wearable technology assimilated into clothing. Lastly, there will be a rapid acceleration of wearable in the present market.


There is going to be a dramatic enhancement this year with enhanced battery life, optimized user interface as well as price. Artificial intelligence is going to take leaps, where custom mobile app development will play a crucial role in designing services that can simply take vocal commands or even take mind-commands to get the job done. Data usage system such as search history, ad preferences and other big data conventions are going to get advanced treatment.


Apple has already come up with the design of its latest smart watch. The all-new Apple Watch encompasses brand new features. As stated earlier about clothing range in wearable technology, Microsoft has developed the innovative “Smart Bra”. Although this innovation is 2 years old but it is expected to hit the markets this year. This piece of modern clothing has been developed to monitor the stress and emotional misbalance of a woman. The bra will help women combat emotional eating leading to obesity. This is one kind of the wearable device that have created a great hype.


Another kind of clothing that is going to make a noise in 2015 is Mi.Mu. It is a glove intended to facilitate the work of listening and creating music. With the help of gesture control, one can adjust the pitch, sound and perform different functions. Every hand movement is map-able. This gadget is going to revolutionize the way wearable gadgets are used. It is going to make “buttons” as obsolete items. The famed singer and songwriter, Imogen Heap, are endorsing this brand new glove.


Technology is taking us to different heights. Gaming development, App security, Beacon centered Wi-Fi services, cloud driven technology, enterprise app growth are likely to dominate the market. Wearable devices are the trendy options going to get successful this decade. Innovative Mobile app development companies are constantly working to provide tech-savvy more reasons to enjoy. Only time will tell what the future holds for the consumer.

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