App Store Optimization Tips to Increase Downloads

App Store Optimization or simply ASO has taken a crucial place in the mobile applications department. It is the method where visibility of any mobile application is improved in app stores like Google Play or iTunes. As SEOs are for websites, ASOs are designed for mobile apps. This kind of optimization helps a mobile application to top the charts of any app store. It is kind of a procedure to provide high rankings to the apps. Research proves that the high ranks help in an increased number of downloads of a particular app. The contents are optimized in such a way that more traffic is driven to this content. Securing first position on directed search terms helps in reaching objectives in a more systematic and defined manner.


App Store Optimization Tips to Increase Downloads


To sum up the key goals for performing application store based optimization or ASO are as follows:


  • Produce appealing graphics like screen shots, icons, promos in order to upsurge the likelihoods of downloads
  • Being found by users in better ways while visiting these virtual stores
  • Rank higher than competitors
  • Rank greater for some specific keywords
  • Rank better in Google’s semantic hunt for applications


While performing mobile app development, the key aspect of ASO is overlooked by a developer most of the times. It is both necessary for on and off page development for the apps. With loads of apps circulating in the market the chances of finding one particular app has gone down manifold times. Here are some tips for optimizing app store for on-page and off-page.


Tips for optimizing on-page:



Using keywords in the title of an app makes them more searchable. This helps in attracting signals that can either be run from the analogous route or from the direct route. But playing with the title can prove to be harmful. As an app gets good reviews it gets spread so changing the title can lower down its search-ability factor.



App description is something that needs full attention. The catch here is to attract the users to download the app by providing stimulating facts and benefiting utility of the app.


Logos &Icons

Captivating app users’ attention is a sure way to get maximum number of downloads. Connecting with customers by providing screenshots, attractive logos makes them feel secure about the app.


Tips for optimizing off-page:


Reviews & Ratings

Reviews influence people. But negative ratings can be detrimental. So a scope for venting out complaints to the developer can be a good way to counter this problem.


Discard Rates

How often the applications are deleted gives an insight on how good the app is responding. The number of downloads and the mean frequency usage of the app provides user behavioral data.


Link Building

Counting click-through rates while in a higher position help the developer know the competitiveness of the app. Link building helps in maintaining the rank and makes the apps more popular.


This is one such process which needs to be given time. But the optimization needs to be handled in a proper way to reap out all its benefits. Monitoring from time to time by a mobile app development company can make ASO successful for any app store.

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