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Augmented reality is a young technology and is a big deal these days. It has attracted a great hype and it is still waiting for killer application. Mobile tech keeps moving towards Augmented Reality (AR) and it feels tailor made for wearable technology. New research has given insight into the existing possibilities of AR browsers, but also highlights the barriers that it must overcome.


Augmented reality is going to be the big term in the world of mobile technology, where users will be able to experience the real world with computer generated data on it. In the world of augmented reality (AR), the feelings which we see and smell are enriched to great extent that it blurs the line between the one that exists in real world and computer generated.


How Augmented Reality based mobile apps work?

Augmented Reality works well with smartphones, tablets and other similar devices that use GPS tracking. They offer computer generated data in the form of graphics, tags and videos that get overlaid into real world through visual devices. They are also used with head mount displays, as used in VR devices. The idea of combining VR onto real objects is not a new concept, but has been in practice for years.


How Augmented Reality based mobile apps work


With the explosion of smart devices, the prospects of AR apps have gone up. The technology with which AR apps are developed can be classified into location-based and recognition-based. The location based apps work with camera along with other components, while thee recognition based apps use the built-in capability of smartphones to identify the sounds and shaped through digital patterns.


The sooners the mobile app development company adopts the technology, the bigger is the advantage. At Promatics, we have extensive knowledge of location based apps. Including AR technology might uplift the experience of mobile aps significantly. We are currently in the process of adopting AR into the some of the mobile apps we are working on.


Mobile brings Augmented Reality to everyone

People are becoming more comfortable with Augmented Reality and are eager to include it into their daily lives. The real revolution is going to begin, as it has changed the way people interact with the world. There are many AR based products in the market that may find some success. Those products will compete with the smartphones which we use today.


The increasing number of mobile apps appears to be a big move in AR industry. These apps are extremely developer friendly and can be ported to other platforms easily. Developers can price the apps as lows as $1, though they are more likely to be free and supported by ads. The bar to enter the AR market has broadened in the recent years, and it is expected to grow even more.


No doubt, AR is an exciting concept and just one more killer app in AR, all the demand would be pushed over the edge. This will drive prices down for dedicated AR devices, and they will essentially be competing with free offerings available on smartphones. When you have the domain expert to build applications, you can take AR to the next level.


The biggest advantage of AR is that it bridges the gap between the digital and real world. The marketing of products from interactive games to 3D experiences are offered a new level of exceptional options. The augmented reality based mobile apps are rapidly growing in popularity, due to the features and uses of smartphones. The combination of GPS and contextual information enable augmented reality to bring users with immersive experiences.


Augmented reality mobile apps are beginning to make roads into the world of e-commerce and digital marketing. The technology is turning out to be a dynamic tool in the hands of reputed MNCs. The top companies that use AR to shape the future of e-commerce are – IKEA, Haagen Dazs and Sharp.


Future of AR based mobile apps

Some of the popular AR apps that are spreading towards things change are – Prisma, Ink Hunter,Pokemon Go, ELSA, Allo, Google Translate, Socratic etc. The technology used behind these innovative mobile apps is nothing but image recognition and augmented reality. Most of these mobile apps recognize products, images and graphics directly and sends relevant information on your phone.


As said above, e-commerce is one of those domains that took help of AR technology and came up with virtual trial room. The users can test the products and check how it looks on them before buying. For example- Lenskart is one such e-commerce store that gave a trust to users who buy from this store. IKEA adopted this technology and released an app through which the users can see how the furniture may look like in their living room, bedroom, study room etc. This is one of the best AR based mobile app that saves the user a trip to the store.


Future of AR based mobile apps


Similarly, inclusion of AR in social apps made it a huge success. The funny and intriguing filters of the AR based mobile aps made them more popular. Gaming is another area where AR is highly popular. The most popular games that gave a recent sensation are – Ingress, Pokemon Go, Kickball, AR Zombies and AR soccer. This technology makes games engaging, ensuring the players stay in it for long time.


The travel industry has great potential with the integration of AR. Travel apps that are based on AR technology have proved to be a real game changers. There are many AR based travel apps that are integrated with Google Translate to help in real-time translation of name boards and other elements. Using these apps, one can travel without any help from local people or help themselves from local embarrassment. There are different AR browsers that help in incorporating the real world elements into search criteria to give better results.


As the AR technology is going to improve in future, their integration with mobile apps would become seamless. The change has already begun and one can expect to see a lot of improvements in augmented reality based mobile apps in coming years. Many AR gears and glasses are being introduced into the mass market, which leads to the development of next stage mobile app. AR is going to be a technology that causes a great shift in mobile app development.



Augmented Reality is no doubt the next big thing and it is high time to see the shift. Augmented Reality is going to cross the mainstream and promote incredible development in the sector. The availability of AR based mobile apps will fall short, if the explosion of smartphones continues to grow.  Augmented reality based mobile apps are very beneficial for educators, travelers, gamers, digital marketers, trainers and other professionals.


Being an enabling technology, AR can take enterprise based apps to the next level. We can expect to see innovative and unique mobile apps that give birth to effective utilization of AR in mobile industry.

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