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Today is the age of Big Data, ERP and many other data dependent technologies. But, if you a look a decade back, you’ll realize the significance of cloud. We have come very far in terms of data collection, its usage in various techniques and business’s dependence on data for data. Well, cloud services have transformed the things completely by giving us flexibility to constantly email various important things to ourselves, simple saving of data on cloud which has saved us from daunting tasks of burning it on CDs, DVDs or USB drives.
It seems like cloud has become an integral part of our lives and it is here to stay. As more and more people have started depending on cloud, the cloud service providers are coming up much more reliable and secure cloud services.
Here are some of the top cloud service providers and the distinguished features of their services:
If you are looking for peer-to-peer sharing, then cubby is the right app for you. It helps in saving documents, music, videos and many other types of data on the network to make accessible to by a number of people. Though the service offered by Cubby is easy to use but one may find limited editing options on it. Cubby is also planning to go up to 1TB of storage space, that will be the largest cloud storage available.
Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon is one of the leading names in cloud services and offers about 50GB of cloud storage, only for $25 a year. Amazon also has plans for the companies with hefty storage needs and can provide them thousands of GBs of space at quite affordable costs.
Deputy, an online rostering app helps employees to manage their timesheet and scheduling data. It offers some amazing features, but the best part is that it is completely free to use. Thus, the companies that need cloud services but have to struggle with their budget for them, can opt for Deputy cloud services.
Dropbox offers flexible plans for cloud space. You can take a plan with a specific amount of space and if you start running low on space, you can upgrade your cloud storage any time. Well, account management is also quite easier with Dropbox, as the administrator can assign different access permissions to different people quite conviniently.
Google Docs
Google needs no introduction and Google Docs is the Google’s cloud services. Google has indulged itself into hosting emails and you can access a set of additional tools to enhance the productivity in your business. One of the incredible features of Google Docs is whenever someone makes a change in the stored data, a notification about the change & the person who made it, is sent to you.
Evernote, has transformed its app into a fully functional service that is made available on every computing device that you have. Evernote allows you to jot down your notes or ideas, and you can later sync them over all your devices., like your computer, phone or tablet. Also, it is available on different mobile computing platforms and OSs which augments its usability.

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