Code Reviews – The Secret behind Teamwork and Faultless Work

It is said that Information Technology is technical and not creative. I disagree with this general perception and deliberate typecasting. Codes created by software developers can in no way be negated on grounds of lack of creative input. However, creativity does face a veritable challenge when coding encompasses huge team with diverse culture. Therefore, to be doubly sure that your creation is flawless, effective and long lasting, code reviews are important and essential.
Understanding Code Review
It is an individual software engineer who develops a code after putting in indomitable efforts. However, when it is meant for benefitting the organization, the entire team has to be involved in making the optimum use of it. Code review is a practice that encourages sharing of knowledge between the team members stimulating them to unite and work collectively. It makes the entire team work together, thereby ensuring impeccable and bug-free software.
Code review is classified into two types- static and dynamic. Static code review is defined as an analysis of mistakes and syntax errors while dynamic code review is a comparative analysis of actual results vis-a-vis expected results of the code.
How do Code Reviews Help?

1. Enforcing coding standards makes other developers attuned to the code so that they can read and work on the code, even if the primary coder who initiated is absent or is no more working on the project. Hence, since code review involves a team of individuals, work flow remains uninterrupted in the absence of the developer.
2. Bugs or mistakes are identified at an early stage of development so that it is cheaper to fix them.
3. The style of coding remains consistent across the company
4. It creates a huge learning platform for new talents in the organization offering them opportunities to climb up the corporate ladder expeditiously.
5. Consistency is maintained in designing and implementation of the software.
6. The security of the software is higher
7. The practice provides a better bonding environment among team members.
8. The confidence of stakeholders increases manifold times when it comes to the quality of software execution.
9. The spectrum of knowledge on that particular software for the reviewer increases substantially.
10. The structure of the code becomes more readable and can be easily documented as the developer is forced to write readable codes.


Code review indeed is a time consuming process, but the practice is effective and has bigger and broader benefits so that the time invested is directed towards increasing the knowledge base both at an individual as well as team level. If the work is uniformly distributed among the team members and the review is done at an early stage, the process becomes less expensive and comparatively less time consuming.

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