Common Myths about Software Development

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Like every other industry, Software Development field is also full of myths and false suppositions. If you ask designers for the best approach to accomplish something in most efficient manner, you are most likely to get more than you expected. Likewise some ideas and opinions become more popular than others although they have been proven wrong.


Common Myths about Software Development


To discover which myths are most widespread amongst engineers, an entrepreneur named Lee Semel, who is also a programming designer and UI creator, posted a question about the superstitions in Here’s a quick summary of the software development myths.

  1. In case you are running into issues with your present framework, it’ll be another language, technology or process that uncovers itself as the “silver bullet” and never the stuff that you are presently utilizing.
  2. Developers do not worry much about marketing and it is the for men with suits
  3. Clients know precisely what they need. They are also able to tell their needs and desires so that everybody understands it. After all, it is their project; Clients are the expert, not the designer.
  4. The more developers work in a group, the more effective it’ll be. You can assign even the most demanding job into little parts, which can then be finished by non-experts.
  5. If you cannot bargain or collaborate with individuals, then you are fit for programming & software development
  6. JavaScript is firmly related to Java. They are essentially cousins.
  7. The design is just a surface distraction. The more critical parts are found in the hood and worth paying attentionto. A delightful design is of no use without welcoming the groundwork.
  8. The best programming designers are the ones who are great at mathematics. They are the ones learning to program in their extra time while they are effectively occupied with logic and arithmetic because of sensible riddles they solve; they deliver the best code.
  9. Software Development always works best when there’s more than one way to your target. Designers should have freedom as much as possible; practically they should be able to do what they want to do
  10. The best-specialized and tech solutions always win.
  11. The Waterfall strategy can work for Software Development. A project can be precisely planned technically before work even starts. The small steps of the project should be addressed in succession, no excuses.
  12. In software industry, it is about what you see on the first look; implying that the design of software is the base. Understanding what powers it underneath is too hard.
  13. Developers care much about the outline & design of an application and are unwilling to figure out how to code and to improve it. They should be shielded from validcode.
  14. If you’ve launched your software or site, then all your work is finished. Designer’s job is finished, and designer is no more needed to manage any issues.

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