Diwali 2013 @ Promatics!!!

Finally, Oct 29 was the day to escape from office, ditch the desk and hit the dance floor to celebrate Diwali. How could Team Promatics have missed an opportunity to groove to the disco beat to exude in the fun of Diwali? Everyone has been little shy to begin but within a few minutes they bobbed head to the music and shook body to the latest hits.Shouting, dancing to some of the grooviest tracks being played by DJ and capturing moments in cameras went for several hours. The fun went on and on, and reached its peak when a few rolled down on the floor and danced like anything. We had a gala time enjoying the day full of Masti and Dhammal to the core.


All excited and pepped up, dressed to the nines were shimmering like disco lights. Everyone dancing on air get home with sore throat and sore feet, from singing and dancing too much. It was a fun filled evening ended up by relishing delectable snacks.


Thanks to all for making this Diwali celebration remarkable. Wish this Diwali illuminate everyone’s life with joy and happiness!!

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