Future of Mobile Applications Looks Gleaming

Mobile apps have been in great demand for around 2-3 years. Seeing this ever-increasing demand, the mobile operators have started cashing the opportunity by releasing their own application stores which has further revolutionized the competition. Recently a research giant mentioned in their reports that in the future of mobile applications money transfer will be the topmost demanded next to mobile payment, near field communication and location based servers. Mobile searching application was a big hit which was followed by mobile internet and browsing apps, health check-up using mobile, SMS and chatting apps, advertising and music apps. The status of all these mobile apps in the world of mobile applications signifies that in the coming years, the scenario of mobile applications market is going a change drastically and significantly. Another reason for this upcoming revolution would be the latest trend in which mobiles are now days equipped with dual core processors which were used in laptops just 2-3 years back. Hence, the question is not that whether mobile apps market will bloom in future or not but the question is which application will be most demanded.

Mobile advertising is the newest prospective in the field of mobile applications. This will push the mobile manufactures to give relatively larger mobile screens for the upcoming generations. These larger screens will give more space to the ad to flash on the mobiles. There is a big possibility that in the near future there will be a flurry of “free” advertiser sponsored applications by the mobile operators worldwide. This possibility also strengthens by the fact that the advertising giant “Google” is showing big time interest in mobile apps sector.

One name that is regularly knocking the door and trying to show its presence is of Cloud Computing. It is actually a process where a mobile uses the internet connection to store and process the available resources and data. This will be a gigantic step as the data stored through this process is easily shared among multiple users. Cloud computing will gain more and more popularity as almost all mobile phones these days are having 24 hour internet connection. Cloud computing is going to be a huge hit among the companies and businesses having remote employees as these companies are always in search of some effective means to share the corporate information with all of them.

Gaming applications will also be the most demanded in the near future. These gaming applications will gain more popularity as the creators of these games are always trying to make them more and more multifaceted and multiple players playing through internet networking.

The mobile application that is going to reign over the mobile application industry will be the application for banking services. At present time there is no such application developed and the reason is not that they are not much required or demanded by the user but it has some other technical problems. Firstly, it is very hard to develop a universal banking application that can be accessed on mobile internet browsers across the world because of technicalities of mobile platform fragmentation. Secondly, since all the banks and the financial institutions of demand for a software or application that can be accessed anywhere in the world by the users regardless of which mobile device, operating system or browser they are using, it has been very tough till now for the developers to develop such a unique application.

Maintaining security of data has also been a big challenge to be met before developing banking related mobile application. Other unsolved issues that obstruct the swift development of banking application are the accurate authentication of mobile devices and encryption of stored and exchanged data. Despite, all these stumbling blocks the applications for mobile banking are the most talked about mobile apps. This segment of mobile application industry will show a sudden boom once these issues are resolved and this application is released.
Applications based on location based services are also a big hit among the users. The developers are trying to develop them in such a way that they are able to identify items and targets, use other features of a mobile device like camera, video camcorder, calendar etc. in its combination.

This way the future is not far when these mobile apps will give more interactivity and functionality to the users regardless of whether the user is looking for entertainment applications or some business person searching for a business related application. But despite all this, no one can think what kinds of new and innovative apps will be developed in the coming future.

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