Google I/O 2018 announced a lot of things on many fronts: Why Android Developers should be excited?

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The year’s Google I/O conference took place from 8th May to 10th May at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View with a keynote speech by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Google has already rolled out the developer preview of Android P with some exciting features and functionalities. Google also made announcements around ARCore, Google Assistant, Chromebooks, Android WearOS and more in Google I/O conference.


The show isn’t completely over as there is a lot to know about these updates. Here are the details of what the tech giant has brought to the table at Google I/O 2018.


Android P

The new version of Android is the obviously the star of the show. Google showed Android P with a new set of features that make Android users much happier. According to sources, the navigation buttons are revamped, and hence the new version Android is expected to come with a capsule-shaped button that works with gestures too.


Besides this, Android P will help the users manage their phone usage effectively. Users will now be able to track how much time they spend on each app. The Wind Down mode of Android P sets the display to grayscale at night, reducing strain on your eyes. With improved notifications and options to open apps, android P is going to be the best version to date. The Android P devices are expected to roll out by August 2018.


Google Wear OS

After rebranding from Android Wear name, it’s time to roll out the developer preview of Wear OS software. There are many improvements in terms of battery life and dark mode for the user interface to make it much easier on eyes. Google announced several updates for wear OS in Google I/O. The Android Wear has been renamed to give users a better idea of what Wear OS can do.


Google Wear OS


Wear OS is going to help you get more out of your wearable devices. Wear OS devices can be paired with everything from Smartwatches to Android Phones.


Android TV

Google announced a few developments regarding Android TV and Google set-top box software. We have been hearing a lot about Android TV. According to the latest update, Google might release a new 4K Chromecast with a remote, full TV interface and dongle.


Android TV


The Android Auto has been around for years. Recently, Google added wireless support for Nexus and Pixel devices. It also announced the software update Android Auto with voice functions.  The Android TV device can be built into various devices such as media boxes, TV, and speakers.


Google Assistant

We all know that Google Assistant has been named the best AI assistant in the world. Do you think that Google would stop here? Well, Google has added a host of features to Google Assistant this year. Google announced in I/O conference that Assistant will be available in 80 different countries by the end of 2018. Moreover, it will be available in 6 different voices – adding a lot more. You can have a normal conversation with it and even make multiple requests at once.


Google Assistant


Perhaps, this is going to be the coolest update. Whether it is booking a haircut or asking for the weather update, the new features sound very natural.


Android Things

There was a total of 8 sessions at Google I/O on Android Things, the burgeoning IoT platform of Google. You will get much idea of how Google is planning to embrace smart technology – where everything in your house is connected.  Google announced the release of Android Things and introduction to SDK to developers.


Security is the main concern as IoT encompasses billions of devices. The previous version of Android has few security issues. Google has been working to reverse these issues and make Android Things an attractive proposition.  Smart devices could be updated more easily and secured against outside attack.


Google Lens

Google Lens can be said as another biggest announcement made at Google I/O 2018. Google lens was exclusively for Google Pixel when it was launched in 2017.  If you have been waiting eagerly for Google Lens to come for other devices, you will be happy to know that it has finally happened.


Google lens feature will soon be added to camera app from several manufacturers such as – Sony, Motorola, TCL, Nokia, OnePlus, and Asus etc. However, it depends on how fast the manufacturers update their devices with this feature.



In an attempt to work in AR space, Google shifted its efforts to Google ARCore from Project Tango. At I/O conference, Google made announcements around the same. The company has shown a new perspective in AR feature that could be added even to Google maps in future.


Using a combination of street view, camera, and visual location – it tells you exactly where you are. Users can see the directions floating ahead and even share ETA while driving.   The best thing is that you can play music, send text and get all the information from Google Maps.


Google News

The initial version of Google news was being criticized for providing a platform for too many hoaxes related to breaking news events. Google has worked on this to improve user experience and iron out the flaws.


The company made the services personnel by providing stories, which the users are interested in. According to the latest update, Google News will show multiple articles on a particular subject. The main objective of this update is to help people get out of the filters.



These are just some announcements made at Google I/O 2018. There were many discussions and sessions about AR/VR, Instant Apps, Kotlin, Google Assistant, Wear OS etc. There is a lot such as – new features of YouTube, the launch of .app web domains, the new podcast app and many more. Any professional android app development company would be excited to get their hands on this new stuff.


Developers can start taking advantage of new products as much of Google I/O is meant to support people who create products for Google’s various platforms. The announcements made on I/O event will have an impact on those who use Android, Wear OS, Chrome and other first-party apps of Google.


What do you think about these advancements? Leave your comments below!

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