Here are the Top Mobile App Analytical Tools

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Gone are those days when people use to write post card or inland letters to communicate with their near and dear ones. Today with the advancement of technology, one can contact his/her relative situated in the other hemisphere, just by some clicks of his computer mouse. Now how is it possible? Well, it has been feasible by the major development which has occurred in terms of technology for the last few years.


Today with the advancement of technology, various new age gadgets are cropping up in the market which makes the world a better place to live borrow $1000 fast. In this scenario the internet plays a very vital role as it allows smart phones and tablet users to download loads of useful and entertaining apps from the play store. On an honest note, the popularity of these devices has boosted up because of these apps only as it gives us ample reasons to get stuck to these devices for long hours. In this write-up, you will get to check out some of the top rated analytical mobile apps which have become immensely popular. These apps you will find out here are used by millions of users all across the world and more and daily more people are getting inclined in using them. Check them out.


Here are the Top Mobile App Analytical Tools


Mix panel: This app is indeed running wild on the Android play store with thousands of daily downloads. It is one of the best and most developed mobile apps which help to assess the information that gets originated from your live application in the application store. This helps in recovering the constant information, the following maintenance through pipe investigation, partner examination, and inside and out the examination. You can observe continuous occasions happening in your application and with a point-and-snap interface. If you still haven’t downloaded it, it’s high time that you do so. There are loads of activities which you can easily perform with this app.

First and foremost it creates a link between app users and the web users. The presence of the Cohort option will ensure the fact that you can easily analyze how often your users come, go or get involved with your mobile apps. The interface is designed in such a manner that you can easily check out the real time proceedings, and this is utterly important. Features like to drill into data, bookmarks and annotations surely do make this app one of a kind. The free version is good but here you will find out limited avenues to operate this app. When you switch over to the paid version, that’s where the real fun starts. Also it is important to mention that this unique analytical mobile app is compatible with the latest version of Android and iOS.


Flurry: Make way for the one and only mobile app which has the potential of bringing a big smile on the face of people who are indulged in analytics. This is a tool which you will find in the play store and by it, you can easily check out that how your paid ads on the internet are doing. Any details you need about the insights will be provided to you in the nick of time. Recently the app I acquired by the Yahoo has been proved as highly beneficial. This app is pretty much compatible with new age telecommunication devices run by operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. It helps to create a classic console along with 10 other custom dashboards. On top of that, it also defines events, funnels alongside other user paths. Last but not the least it also helps users to track technical information stored in other devices. Yahoo App Marketing and Tumbler In-app sharing are two of the most amazing features which this app offers. This is a free app and you don’t need to pay anything for it.


Localities: This is indeed an amazing tool to check out on the movement of the user. It is an extraordinary app to comprehend the engagement issues of your application by giving the information. It additionally gives A/B testing, screen stream, pipe, portions and companion based maintenance reports. Some of its fascinating features are User Insights, Smart Targeting, and last but not the least Market Automation. This app is available in both free and paid versions.


Google Mobile App Analytics: As the name recommends, this analytical app has a link with Google, which is accessible free of cost. The tool helps you in following your clients’ visits and record the change rates also. In the event when any sort of occasion is running on your application, then the occasion gets followed as well, and you will get the data about the rate, accidents, and the special cases. Some of its popular features are Firebase Analytics, Cohort Retention reporting, and Google Tag Manager. This app can be used in smart phones run by either Android or iOS. Check out this amazing app and your analytics related assignments can be easily done from your mobile handset. Download it now and check out the magic it creates.


Apsalar: This amazing mobile app is popularly known as Mobile ROI Platform. It is available for free in the app store and you can download it easily. Its basic function is to enable your marketing deeds with the help of user insights. On top of that, it optimizes your ad valuation and others on the basis of your goals and performance. The app is compatible with mobile handsets run by Android or Ios. The interface is designed in such a manner that you will face no problem while operating it. Do download it now and get your work done in the nick of your time.


As technology is improving, down the line we might also get some better versions of different mobile apps which would make our life more and more easier.

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