Hire a Web Design Company and not a Freelancer

No one can deny that a strategically designed website attracts voluminous traffic. In fact, a number of entrepreneurs have tapped this potential to some extent and have already become millionaires. A few examples of such people would be Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Jack Dorsey, Sergey Brin and Jeff Bezos. It is of not much surprise that a large number of aspiring entrepreneurs today are trying to walk down the same path wanting to use websites to advertise their products. However, the decision to choose between a professional web designing company and a freelancer is a crucial one.


In majority of the cases it is observed that allocating the task of website design to a specialized company has fetched far reaching results than that delivered by an individual freelancer. According to testimonials shared by the satisfied clients of Promatics Technologies, a professional web designing company based in India, some of the factors that explain why the services of a website design firm outshine those offered by a freelancer are as follows:


  • Professionalism
  • Security Assurance
  • Dependability
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Latest Technology and Infrastructure
  • All-round support
  • Blend of expertise due to teamwork
  • Custom web design potentials


Web Design Company versus Freelancer


A web design company consists of different experts possessing proficiency in what they are doing. These trained professionals go through very strict training and get continuously educated on the various new technological improvements and developments. A freelancer on the other hand, works alone, has limited access to new information and equipment and has nobody to guide him or her.


It goes without saying that registered website designing companies are more dependable than freelancers whose credentials can never be verified thoroughly. Also, there exists no communication barrier between the designing company and the client due to round the clock support. Communicating with a freelancer can get cumbersome as he might be available only at a certain time throughout the day.


A company needs to manage its online portfolio because it is accessed by thousands of people on a daily basis. This makes companies relatively more responsible about their work and duties as compared to freelancers. Freelancers work from home and in case they are not able to complete a client’s project they can simply disappear. This is rarely noticed case of a professional web designing company.


A company works with the best available resources on its clients’ website designing projects and hence its client can expect good results from it. Also, a company has not only the manpower but also the various technologies available to perform its different tasks in a much more effective way. Various companies work with servers and all the data on client website are saved on servers with backups. This might not be the case with a freelancer who can be unreliable, can be a threat to security issues and can violate all deadlines. Also, freelancers are people working from homes on their age old systems, software and other tools that are less likely to be as advanced and reliable like that of a company.


When it comes to website design, choosing an experienced and reputed company is always a better idea than to depend on an individual who might lack the required professionalism and can back out anytime leaving the entire project in the middle! Hiring a professional web designing company involves less risk and ensures business growth.

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