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We’re moving towards a completely mobile driven world. It is expected that by 2020, there will be close to 6 billion mobile users. In 2018 alone, there were close to 194 billion instances of mobile app downloads. With a 120% increase in consumer spending, thanks to in-app subscription models, now is a ripe time to build a great mobile application and reap some good return on investment. However that is possible only if you are able to build an app that provides real value to its end users and stands out amidst the sea of existing apps.


The truth is that conceptualizing and building a remarkable mobile app is not at all an easy task, as it may seem. Careful planning is a necessary factor for its successful and meaningful development.


As a widely trusted app development company, we at Promatics endeavor to only build top-notch apps that drive meaningful ROI for our clients. To that end, we organize app discovery workshops as a vital starting point of the process.


App discovery workshops help us understand our clients’ views and requirements best, and arrive at the most meaningful features and functionalities of the app along with most intuitive interface and best-suited tech stack. Based on the blue print arrived at in this discovery stage, our developers execute the vision and ensure that we build the best long-term asset for your product idea.


With that, let’s take a closer look at what an app discovery workshop is, and how we strive to help you best with the ones that we conduct.


What is an app discovery workshop?


An app discovery workshop is an intensive consulting process


Most businesses tend to have a vague idea about the kind of application they want, but do not have much clarity regarding practical ramifications of the app development. To help businesses understand their own needs better and prepare a meaningful prototype of their application, most result-oriented app development companies often conduct sessions called app discovery workshops. This is precisely why these workshops are also known as blueprint workshops.


Any good app discovery workshop consists of some vital elements. They include:


A.) In person consultation or video conference ranging between 6 and 8 hours. In other words, an extensive discussion that could even last a day.

B.) App discovery exercises that help to arrive at a clear idea of what the app should look like

C.) Intense discussions between participants from the client organization and the vendor-side team

D.) Discussions and collaborative decision-making regarding an application’s ideal user interface, set of features, user flow, and technical implications.

E.) Conversion of final client side requirements into actual tasks to build a wireframe and a roadmap for developing the app

F.) Creation of a final blueprint or prototype of the app

G.) Assessment of the technical feasibility and the budget considerations, while looking at middleware and integration-related implications




At Promatics, we ensure that our workshops cater to all these elements, so that there are no gaps or disappointments in the final output created. We pay careful attention to each one of your desires, the needs of your target group and combine it with an in depth analysis and consultation to create an excellent blueprint in your budget.


How to prepare for a workshop with Promatics?


The highlight of our app discovery workshops is the coordinated nature of consultations and inputs between your team and our development team. As the workshop is most likely a one-to-one session between your representative and someone from our app development team, it is important that you’re prepared for the workshop so as to ensure a well rounded and timely finalization of the best blueprint for your app idea.


Here are the most important things you need to keep in mind before scheduling for an app discovery workshop with us –


1.) Prepare a detailed brief that consists of all the ideas you have in mind about your future mobile application

2.) Try and understand your market and its needs, and list out all your competitors for our analysis

3.) Have at least a rudimentary idea about what your app must look like, and how you want its user interface to be

4.) Make sure that you send the brightest and most business-savvy individuals to the workshop as discovery is an integral part of the app development process

5.) Be prepared by allocating enough time, so that your representative(s) is (are) comfortable to spend an entire day, or even two days if needed before finalizing on a prototype

What will a basic app discovery workshop with us look like?


App discovery workshops require a collaborative approach

App discovery workshops require a collaborative approach


We approach the app discovery workshop in a systematic step-by-step process.


In the preliminary stage, we carefully study the brief you prepare. We spend time trying to carefully understand your expectations, imagination, desires and ideas about how your app must look, and who will be its end-users will be.


In the next step, we introduce your representatives to our development team and start with the detailed discussions. Initially, our development team inquires for details and probes minutely into your inputs in order to better understand what features you want included, and which functionalities could be ignored to maintain a minimalist ethos.


As the next step, we work towards exploring your target market and attempting to define a prototype that they’re mostly likely to appreciate. User interface and design aesthetics of an application are important variables that influence its success, and we pay attention to these factors at this stage.


Next, we also cover business side considerations such as monetization, and measuring revenue-related success. Our team conducts competitive analysis in order to differentiate your app from that of your competitors and bring better value to your target end-users.


Positioning the app and defining the users are crucial steps as well, and we approach it in a collaborative fashion for best results.


Finally, with all these factors in place, we move towards discussing and planning out the implementation. The proposed technology is explained to you, along with cost and duration required for its development. We offer choice from a variety of options, depending on what your goals and budget are. Native applications for iOS and Android are typically most sought-after, but there are more affordable and quicker alternatives too, if you have any constraints. We accommodate as per your budget, and help you with all the information to enable you to make a well-informed choice.

How does the app discovery workshop help you?


The purpose of an app blueprint workshop is to help you achieve your business goals

The purpose of an app blueprint workshop is to help you achieve your business goals


The app discovery workshop is designed to ensure that your investment is worthwhile. Many mobile applications fail to achieve business success because their app development takes place haphazardly, without any one-to-one consultations between the development team and the client.


Our app development workshop helps you to finalize the blueprint of your mobile application that is specifically sculpted for your unique business and market needs.


In short, an app discovery workshop with us helps you to


I.) Develop a mobile app that is complex, relevant and innovative

II.) Gain a clear picture about the user flows in your application

III.) Brainstorm meaningfully on how to monetize your app and market it to your audience

IV.) Convert your vague app idea into a realistic blueprint with technical and design specifications

V.) Pick and choose from the most important features and functionalities so that app remains minimalist and accessible

VI.) Get an estimate about how much the app development project will cost you and make an informed choice about the features you choose include

To recap

As you can see, mobile applications are a necessity in today’s world to remain relevant and gain a competitive edge. However, an app cannot be developed haphazardly. A successful app is an outcome of a collaborative process where your needs and requirements are carefully analyzed by the development team, and a prototype is built to confirm if you and your target users are going to be satisfied with the end product. The process of creating a meaningful blueprint for your mobile application takes place during an app discovery workshop.


To make your app discovery workshop a success

a.) Make sure that you prepare a brief for the development team and send your best representatives to the workshop.

b.) Be prepared to spend all day long with the development team. A workshop may even drag to the next day.

c.) Expect to finalize features, user interface, business-related ramifications, and the technology to be used to develop your app.

d.) Receive a final blueprint of your application, complete with estimated costs and duration of development.


To get a finalized blueprint of your mobile app, register for our app discovery workshop today at mobile app development agency

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