How can you harness your android’s device hidden abilities?

Your Smart phone isn’t just a phone with calling and messaging capabilities but, it is much more than you might have ever imagined. A smartphone is designed to perform all types of tasks that a computer can perform such as the drag and drop of files between your smartphone and computer to plugging a USB drive directly to your smartphone and accessing its contents, playing music, downloading files etc.
The smartphone is a small device but it has a great potential, so let us have a look at the ways in which to tap the potential of Android smartphones.


    1. Android smartphone as an External Hard Drive: The Android OS has the capability to make your device function just like any other form of external storage. Plug your Android phone into your computer, and it will be displayed as an external drive on it. You can access all your pictures, music, movie files etc. and browse folders to copy, delete, or drag and drop files as needed.


    2. Wireless transfer of files: You can transfer files from your Android phone to your computer by simply installing free software called Pushbullet on your device and its counterpart on your computer. Once you have done that you can simply push data to your devices with a single tap. It is reliable for sending of files, pictures, music from your phone to your computer and has a user friendly UI. Sending files the other way, from your computer to your Android device, is just a click on the browser extension, and the process is initiated.


    3. Access your computer’s files remotely from any Android device: Remote file access is now possible with Chrome Remote Desktop app. It allows you to access all the data on your computer from any Android phone or tablet irrespective of location. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop app and chose the companion extension for your computer’s Chrome browser. After you have set it up, you can safely view your computer’s desktop on your Android device and run programs, browse files, or move items etc. All connections are fully secured.


    4. Manage files on your phone without a computer: Download a file manager for your Android device, to be able to browse its storage and manipulate files just like you do it on computers. The Cabinet app is intuitive and it has all the tools needed for browsing through their device’s storage system and performing tasks such as copying, pasting, renaming, and sharing files. It is free to use and can link up to remote FTP servers using secure SSH connections.


    5. Streamline your Cloud Storage Setup: This revolutionary cloud manager tool helps you to explore, analyse, manage and clean your cloud storage and streamlines it (Dropbox , Google Drive , OneDrive , BOX , and MEGA ).The app helps you to view which files or folders are using most of your storage space, know which categories you have the most (images, videos, etc), search files, find duplicates and much more. The main application is free for use. Its premium version comes with added cost and provides unlimited account linking and the ability to protect the application and make it secure with a PIN or password.


    6. Selectively sync your Android device to the cloud: For added Cloud Power you can install another app called FolderSync. It makes your phone to act as an extension of your cloud storage by creating an automatic and ongoing sync between locally stored folders and folders that reside in your cloud account(s). It is a two way synch tool. It works with any type of file, and it can sync your data in either direction from your Android device to the cloud or vice versa.


    7. Beam files between two Android devices: When you want to quickly transfer a file between two Android devices all you need is Android 4.1 or a greater version installed on both android devices and check that both devices have Near Field Communication (NFC). The two devices will use NFC in order to establish a connection and wirelessly transmit the file. File Beam uses Android’s built in Android Beam™, so the receiver doesn’t need to have any app installed, it should even work with other phones running other Operating systems and reasonably recent Android devices.


    8. Share content between Android apps: The Share feature allows you to quickly and seamlessly transfer any type of data between applications. Tap the share command, and with one more tap, you can immediately send the image directly to someone in your favourite messaging or emailing app or add the image directly into any cloud storage service for which you have an app installed. The same concept applies for text as well. You can highlight text in an email or on a Web page, tap the share command and send the highlighted text to any other relevant application such as a messaging service or a even to Google to initiate instant web search.


    9. Plug ‘n’ play with external storage: The best way to find out if your device supports USB storage is to go to the Storage section of your system settings. If you see an option at the bottom of that section to mount USB storage, means your device supports external storage. If you don’t see any such option, your device most likely doesn’t support the protocol required to act as a USB host. That protocol is called USB OTG, or USB On-The-Go.

Android allows swift interaction between your phone and your computer. It allows you to perform tasks just as a computer does, such as copy, delete, search, drag and drop of files and folders between your phone and computer to plugging a USB drive directly into your device and accessing its contents. There is no doubt that Android devices offer advanced functionality, but it is up to the user to make good use of its potential to explore and take the android experience to greater heights.

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