How Does the Right Technology Stack Can Affect the Fortune of an App?

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What and Why of Tech Stacks?

In terms of app development, ‘tech stack’ is used to describe a combo of programming languages and software leverage in the development process to introduce functionality to the final product. Technology stack comprises of efficient tools like frameworks, languages, and software products to create, analyze, or ingests data, and creates common links to synchronize the use of all kinds of data in application building and running. The main components of any app are client-side (front-end) and server-side (backend), a development platform, and miscellaneous elements, so all layers of an application are built atop the one below, resultantly creating a tech stack.


It is a common phenomenon that businesses struggle with the selection of a tech stack for their app product due to limited knowledge about app development and constrained budgets. Most companies leave the choice of technology stack entirely up to their developers or mobile app development companies they outsource the project to.


We at Promatics believe that the choice of tech stack and the kind of application being built are interdependent. While the tech stack does impact the performance of a final app, the decision of a tech stack is made keeping in mind the nature of application a business intends to build. The development and release of an app on the app store is just the beginning of a series of improvements, support, and relentless maintenance effort that we need to put in. Our team chooses tech stacks for our client business’s projects with a long term horizon.


In the article ahead, we shed light on the ways that the technology stack impacts the final app product. We proceed to discuss then how you can yourself pick out the most suitable mix of tech tools that can make you the winner of the app development matrix.


How Does the Right Technology Stack Affect the Health Of An Application?

All winning app businesses function on a sensible tech stack. The chosen tech stack works as a set of tools and technologies used in creating the final app product for a business. Tech stacks, as we know, it comprises of everything from programming language to database. Given that tech stack is a ‘combination’ of the right tools for the development process, it is essential to strategize the way you pick them for a given project. The technology combination chosen for application development dictates the way the final app product works. Given endless combinations possible when narrowing down on a tech stack, it would be a sin to generalize. Gaining an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the tech stack before starting app development helps app developers take advantage of the forces and mitigate the vulnerabilities during project execution.


Not only does a tech stack cut down the time incurred in app development, but the right choice of the stack can also help businesses on the efficiency of the process along with innovation. A company that chooses to use a tool that has not been adopted massively indicates that it believes in leveraging the latest resources available. This knowledge allows the company employees, investors, and tech media to see the company in a new light. A tech stack can be a reflection of a company’s personality, that dictates how outsiders perceive it. Consequently, every tool in a tech stack has a story to tell.


The choice of tech stack answers questions about corporate fit and company culture for applicants, clients, and investors too. The choice of tech stack for an app product can also influence its scalability in the future because all stacks serve different projects in unique ways. This is the reason why the tech stack needs to be chosen even before development begins, or it can cost the business later on. A wrong choice of tech stack can keep a company from developing robust and scalable mobile apps. Faulty decision making with regards to the selection of the technology stack can result in a staggering app’s performance and little future scope in the market.


Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Application

Considerations like the type of the project, validation of the app idea, and the time to reach market are essential in combination with other factors that require equal attention to choose the right tech stack for your application. Reliance of the app development team on open-source communities, purpose of building the application, use of analytics to leverage data together, and for the upkeep are also things to ponder upon before choosing technology to create the app product. Here is a precise list of things to consider while choosing the right stack for building a mobile application for your business:


a.) Nature of the App Being Built

All apps are different in terms of the device, the network condition, desired user experience, OS, target audience, and market trends, etc. Requirements of businesses vary from the simple one-page web application to multiple paged e-commerce websites. Some applications are far more involved in architecture than others. All these considerations matter when selecting the technology stack for development projects. The scope of an app project, helps businesses settle for the tech stack that is suitable for the app.


b.) Goal Behind the Mobile App Product

Some mobile applications run on cumbersome loan processes and thus require powerful tech stacks to back them up. These heavy apps are unlike everything that an app with streamlined limited interactions works around. Therefore, it becomes vital for businesses to consider the objective of your mobile app while selecting the tech stack.


What to Consider While Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Application


c.) Time to Market the App

The urgency with which an app is launched into the market; defines its competitiveness in the market. Businesses aiming to develop and release their applications with speed, conveniently stay ahead in the market. The short time span for development also slashes down the cost of app development.


Time to market describes the amount of time incurred to launch a product into the app market. This time to market also depends on the tech stack chosen by the developers for a particular product.


d.) Cost of App Development

Building a dream app can cost you a fortune. The choice of software tools and technologies for an application and tech stack determine the development cost of the app. Further, IT infrastructure setup, developers’ salary, and app maintenance make a significant expense. Narrowing down onto a technology stack for the app development, especially so in the case of startups and small businesses with stringent initial budgets, is difficult.


e.) Scalability

Foresighted businesses function on a well-defined scalability matrix; they provide functional scenarios for both scaling up vertically and scaling out horizontally. A scalable technology stack conveniently accommodates new users with growing time without hampering the working of the application. It becomes easier to add more components or modules without affecting the performance of the application if the developers choose a scalable tech stack. Consider the impact of growth on your existing practices while selecting a technology stack. Businesses must examine potential tech solutions with scalability in mind.



Settling for a suitable technology stack for an app development project is a difficult task. The type of application and business perspectives determine the choice of tech stack for app development.


Only experienced developers know how to choose a tech stack, well enough. We at Promatics are an experienced team of app developers who understand the unique requirements of server- and client-side as well as the backend of your app. We offer app discovery workshops as well as seasoned invaluable expertise on which elements you should include in your stack can be the single factor to steer the app project in the direction of the win. Our wholesome tech selection covers an ever-evolving stream of off-the-shelf and bespoke technologies to make your business app a winner.

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