How minimal UI approach of app designing can increase user engagement

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Every designer dreams of doing more with less. The minimalistic approach is something which is preferred by every developer but is not easy to achieve. The only way to succeed with minimal design is by practicing again and again.
A developer has to draw inspiration from the work of others. In fact, it is the best way to shape new ideas, when one looks around. It is also time saving to look at others work and learn from them. Trying to create something similar opens up the gates of one’s creativity as new ideas can be added to the existing to come up with something really wonderful.

Gradually over the years, net users have moved from laptops and desktops to handheld devices. More than 50% of net browsing is done on mobile devices. Thanks to the big screen devices and availability of WiFi, people can now search the Internet while on the move. Data collected by Google for year 2015 revealed searchers are more active on their mobile devices than on their desktops. This indicates the reason why more and more people are giving up their home based Internet plans for unlimited data plans for cell phones.

On an average, a person spends 3 hours daily online, and millions of mobile applications and trillions of web sites try to grab the attention of the nets user and compete for their time.

What can one possibly make out from all these things? Well, all these facts simply indicate that businesses now have to focus on mobile audience. Therefore, it is now important to for a business to make its website compatible to handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. According to statistics, it has been found that 83% of all #1 search results belong to mobile-friendly websites and 77% of results on page one.

Consequently, the websites which are not mobile-friendly are not appearing in the mobile searches. In today’s time a business can hardly afford to lose to its rivals by not resorting to something as simple as a mobile-friendly website.


Mobile Websites Are Outdated, This Is the Time of Mobile Applications

Moving a step ahead, one can now say mobile-friendly websites are now old and the mobile applications have replaced them. Mobile applications are now far more superior tothosethat used to be in the past. Whether it is a native application or a web app,effective UI andUX planning is a must in designing an application.

User interface is the soul of a mobile application. It should have all the elements to make the application interactive. Therefore, it is very important to make it appealing and easy to access.


How minimal UI approach of app designing can increase user engagement


What is meant by Minimal UI Design?

The success of Minimal UI Design harbors on user friendliness. Developers need to reflect how a user would feel while using the application, while developing UI. It must have every component that users require to interact with an application.
The user interface should include things like touch sensitive display as well as virtual keyboard. The users will also have to be prompted for errors and help otherwise the app will be non-intuitive which will leave the users uninterested soon.

By researching, developers can decide on the best approach towards developing the right type of interface. One can understand by looking at different types of applications, the type of icons to use, colors and other things related to appearance that are essential for attracting the users. For example, simple icons do well for business applications whereas colorful and bright icons are great for educational apps.


Why A Minimalistic UI Design Is A SensibleApproach For App Designers?

Taking a minimalistic approach in U I designing helps create a neat interface that can easily keep the user gripped to the application and does not let the experience to be cumbersome. With easy access ability, users can breeze through the app and find out the things they are looking for effortlessly. Here are some advantages of minimalistic UI design

  • This type of designing has become very popular as it allows the businesses to come up with applications that offer great functionality and the most attractive designs.
  • With the rising demand for minimalist design, it is quite obvious that this trend is going to prevail in the coming times.
  • This approach allows greater user interactivity and therefore designers focus on making the application feature-rich. The intuitive design and simple interface that is easy to access are the main characteristics of the applications developed with minimalist approach.
  • It plays a great role in creating an application that can raise the value of a business thereby leading to greater profits and sales.
  • It is important to understand that minimalist approach doesn’t mean compromising on the UI elements. It simply means lesser use of effects, typography and lesser color gradients. All this leads to increased user engagement.
  • Moreover, minimalist UI allows mobile app users to move freely through the application.

Why Minimal UI Design is a significant approach?

Since, minimalistic design makes an application user friendly and improves user engagement; it is becoming more and more popular. This approach has now replaced 3D images that use shadows and textures, and other things that make the application bulky. As of now minimalistic design has been a trend in the year 2016 and it seems that it will continue for some time in future.

The focus of app development team is now in developing interfaces that will be readily understood by the users. Since these applications are so light and easily comprehensible, people derive pleasant experience while using them. That definitely leads to greater user engagement and increased sales. The final result of all this is higher profits. However, minimal UI design not only helps generate greater profits but also provides other advantages such as:

  • One can understand the purpose of each component.
  • Navigation is extremely simple and there is no requirement for consultation with the support team or going through a user manual.
  • Clutter free display is achieved with elimination of puzzling details.
  • Users can seamlessly move through the application which leads to better engagement.

Here are some of the latest designs that are used in mobile applications. By looking at these examples one can understand how designers can benefit from the minimalist approach and achieve great results.



This application is an on-demand notary service that brings the agents and the customers together over the phone. This is an example how beautiful an application can be with a simple design. It only takes a click for an agent to decline or accept jobs. In case the job is accepted, the payment is made directly. What’s more, it has a mapping feature which reflects the route between agent and customer’s location and also shows the distance that would be required to cover.


Holland Taxi

With this app customers can easily book a taxi and the entire process is very quick and easy because of the simplicity of the app. The UI is elegant and neat with light tones and elements displayed in a well-organized fashion. With the help of a few clicks,Holland Taxi app can let you book and schedule a taxi.



Foodiini’s brand colours are visible all over in its mobile website. It has three core colours which are continuously used to make the interface attractive for the user. The icon of this app is becoming popular by the day and it is obvious that it’s related to food industry.



DaddyKnowstoo is it parenting app that is designed to provide related information to fathers. Parenting can be complicated and there can be lot to know about it, but with this app users can easily grab information that is showcased in a pretty well organized fashion.



Wedding means a lot of shopping and great deal of arrangements to make. This means, one must know all the best places around the town to pick up the wedding things. Keeping in line with the romantic idea of wedding, this app uses pink hues in its color scheme. Once into this app, the users can the experience the actual atmosphere that prevails in a wedding.


The above examples should help you to get a fair idea about the type of color scheme, design, typography or interface you should use for different types of applications that focus on different things.

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