How mobile application development will change to face the challenge of Internet of Things?

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Internet of Things has moved to the center stage and becomes the motivating force of the tech industry since 2014. The connected devices are mostly being deployed in the organizations and by 2020 this may grow to 1.7 billion. The organizations will adopt and integrate the IoT into their businesses at an extraordinary speed. About operating and transforming the organization’s processes the mobile application development has created the initial shift and now this digital information will be embed even more deeply by the IoT. When the organizations start implementing the embedded devices and have developed the applications for taking the advantage of the embedded devices, the number of lessons may be well taken into the consideration which has learned from the mobility of the enterprise.


How mobile application development will change to face the challenge of Internet of Things?


The smartphones and the tablets were the focus point of the enterprise mobility solutions to the date. In spite of the domination of these smart devices many organizations will start the planning and experimentation of the connected devices which are more sensor-enabled and wearable.

In the spaces of the consumer and enterprise both this further clouding endures to play a major role. Certainly over the time, to see how the IoT, mobile, and cloud will meet and subsequently how they will get adapted to the world which is increasingly connected, data-driven and user-centric will continue by the organization will be an interesting one. From the early days of smartphones and mobile apps, there are some good lessons which can be learned like

It is all about the data and not about the device. Enamoring with the competencies of the smart devices, sensor-enabled “things” and the wearable is easy, but managing the data which the device will create and consume is the main task.

The connected devices which are continually increasing generate the massive workloads of the data. To manage this securely and efficiently the use of back-end integration has become progressively essential. For the mobile application devlopment projects the designing of the back-end connections for the scalability and reusability is not stranger but for the IoT this becomes vital.

As the mobile and IoT projects are expanding the security remains one of the top concerns rather than being an obstacle. In terms of including the authentication, encryption, and the access of the data the security goes far beyond the device in considering in the case of mobile. Along with this, it also has to consider that throughout the whole technology stack the security supports to the mobile and IoT software application development cycles.

The speed will be the critical point in the IoT too, as it is in the mobile from which the businesses will expect the acceleration of the innovation and transformation. For the solution to address the challenges which IoT initiatives creates the platforms like Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) and the mobile application provides the stages which enable the secure connections to the back-end data sources. In shaping the IoT architectures the platforms will play the key role for these connected devices which centralize and manage the multiple back-end connections and also, will be able to share and re-use throughout the different applications.

However, besides the methods which accelerate the mobile projects, the IT will subsequently continue to maintain and manage the existing legacy systems which will also provide the legacy system for the continuity in the vital areas which includes the infrastructure, governance, and the security. Today, with the publicity of the IoT achieved the motion; the organizations need to keep themselves well-informed about the demands of the mobility and IoT, it will be fascinating to see how the organizations will be able to keep it.

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