How Swift will make Objective C obsolete

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Programming languages will never break down easily; however, the development platforms hanging on vanishing paradigms may end up eventually. If you are in the way of developing mobile and still you haven’t looked into Swift and explored it, this article might help you.

When it’s about developing mobile apps for Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and upcoming devices, Swift will not just replace the traditional Objective-C, but is also going to be responsible for the replacement of the C for Apple platform’s embedded programming.

Because of the numerous key features, Swift has the capability to become the effective programming language for developing responsive, immersive, user-facing apps for the future.

For Swift, Apple seems to have bigger goals. It has well-optimized the compiler for smoother performance and the development language, and it refers to Swift being “designed and developed to range from ‘hello, world’ to the overall operating system” in the documentation of the Swift. Although Apple yet hasn’t declared all its goals and objectives for the language, the launches of Swift, Playgrounds, and Xcode 6 at the same time indicates the Apple’s intention to turn the app development process, quicker, simpler and friendlier than with any other development toolchain available today.



How Swift will make Objective C obsolete


What is SWIFT?

For the apple developer, a new programming language has been introduced “Swift”. It can be considered as a complete replacement or better say a villain to the objective C. Swift is something like ‘Objective c without c’. Swift is now running on the Apple LLVM compiler and is employing the cocoa touch (iOS) and cocoa (osx) API.


Why is Swift taking over Objective-C?

Swift is the inheritor of c and objective c. Swift is believed to be a ‘Safe and Secure’ programming language with variety safe style. Before using, the variables are well-initialized as mentioned. N Swift, declaring the variables is much simpler. Using a single word ‘var’, a variable can be declared. ‘Let’ is used for creating a constant whereas the keywords ‘Var’ is used for declaring a variable.

Playground— an advanced feature of Swift is unquestionably a perfect tool to utilize. With this, you can see your outcomes directly coming for each line. This is eventually beneficial for checking how your algorithms, code logic and debugging works.

Moreover, Swift is made to give fantastic execution. The programming language “Swift” is said to be quicker than objective c. Likewise, it keeps running on the same LLVM compiler so you can work with the objective c code in the similar project, which gives a complete adoption.

Swift accompanies numerous features to make your code genuinely intelligible.

They are,

  • Generics
  • Closures combined with function pointers
  • Quick and precise iteration over a vast range or collection
  • Tuples and multiple return values
  • Functional programming patterns
  • Structs supporting extensions, methods, protocols.


Why had the Swift?

Since 30 years, Objective-C is the Apple’s grant language. It is a very long. They have to overhaul something on their side. The actual reason is something else. Apple engineer’s populace has been multiplied as compared to the last year. At the same time, Apple dev group is small based on the mobile ground.

Learning objective is not easy like the other programming languages. This is the actual explanation behind the less dev group. By using the Swift programming language, everybody can figure out how to code for Apple. It will lift the engineer populace and the number of apps in the Apple store.


How Will Swift Have an Impact on the Developers?

Swift is turning as a cupcake for beginners. From the swift release, some developers have become frustrated since they have to start from scratch. Because of this programming language replacement, there is going to be a higher demand on the job market.

Last Words:

Swift is going to be a boon for the developers because Swift is:

  • Easier to read
  • Easier to maintain
  • Safer
  • Combined with memory management
  • Not depended on much coding
  • Quicker
  • Supporting dynamic libraries
  • Favoring interactive coding
  • A Future People can Influence

Swift is a more approachable, and full-featured language which every developer should make use of.

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