How to build Social Media Empire with these 4 Tools

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Today, social media has turned out to be an indispensable part for businesses irrespective of their sizes and niches. Regardless of what are your offered products or services, you’re surely hurting yourself in case you don’t have a robust social media presence. If you want to survive in the tough competitive business world, it’s a must. And as your business grows, so do your social media need will. At some or the other point, your social media presence will demand the latest, effective and more powerful tools which will be better suitedfor the requirement.


How to build Social Media Empire with these 4 Tools


Now more and more people are promoting their business by using the social networking sites. These sites are not just for communicating with each other, but to spread your business’s word to each corner of the world. Social media presents a world of opportunities to build a customer base and increase consumer awareness about your products and services through the power of the internet.

Many business owners simply don’t have the time to manage social media campaigns, in this case, it is recommended to outsource the work to social media experts which will basically manage multiple social profiles for you and monitor your campaigns to maintain a positive image about your company. Social media can be dangerous if it’s not used correctly because negative feedback can easily affect your business’s reputation.

If you are using fan pages, you can attract attention by writing headlines that the demand attention. Most of the time the headline is what people will see when you make a post. Make your headline so compelling that readers cannot help themselves — they just have to click!

By now you must have realized how influencing a social media platform can be, if used properly. It can take your business to the next higher level. It’s actually all about being resourceful and exploring new ways to attract the people’s attention towards your brand.

Whether your business is a budding startup or an established company, you have to win the social media battles for customer engagement, retention, and service. To be the next social media mogul or empire, you have to fold up your sleeves for tracking and managing the analytics, promote the contents to make it reach the maximum customers and target audience, and reap the utmost conversion rates. The days are gone long back when you have to do things manually. The technologies and innovations have made our life so easier that now you don’t have to do any tedious tasks. You can quickly schedule, report and track your social media efforts. To be the best and achieve your goals, the best tools of the trade can assist you greatly to minimize the efforts and maximize the results.

Today, there are numerous social media tools available for all the leading social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. As a social media manager, you have to try figuring out a difference between a response analysis and an online influence, effective tool. These tools are efficient enough to map out a proper social media strategy for your business.

To assist you in sorting through the different variety and choose the tools essential for managing the social media management for your brand, here is a list of some handy tools. With these 4 tools, you can easily handle different tasks. But most important, it can help you to keep track of your media social accounts as well as your social followers (and their mentions about you or your company/product).


PostBeyond: Social Media Advocacy Platform

For any business, its employees are those parts without which it’s totally incomplete. Actually, employees are the valuable target audience and mean to spread out the words of the brand. An employee is the most valuable asset of a company. The employees are the most effective marketing tool (mean) to speak about your organization. And this is where PostBeyond comes into existence.

The key messages disseminating by employees is controlled by the marketing and social team. Start and end dates can be in the added in the content. Once the content is pushed to users available in the PostBeyond platform, managers can analysis the content that is working better and driving more traffic for the brand.

This platform can help you to maintain all the company news for a one-click sharing in a single dashboard. Using PostBeyond is crucial as it lets you have a clear, precise social media strategy for your company.


Pipeliner: A Tool for B2B Selling

Interacting with your customers via social media platform is crucial, but, what’s more important is to make a sale. Pipeliner CRM was especially designed with the effort of sales pros for sales pros to utilize to close the deal. The system has been used for trailing several aspects of the sales procedures, inclusive with org charts, task lists, and 3D timelines of different sales opportunities and closures. This is can be integrated with all the leading social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

The sales managers can also make a comparison among the sales personnel performance depending on the 5 KPIs and discrete by territory, time period, region and team using the Pipeliner. It will lead to better management and improvement in the overall performance for the company.



A picture is worth capable of expressing the feelings which words cannot. Today, there are several social media that has emerged as a visual platform like Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest. They indeed are capable of grabbing lots of branding and engagement for the brand. Depending on your niche or target audience, these platforms can be very much fruitful.

Canva is an amazing tool that incorporates several readymade templates as well as amazingly user-friendly image editing tools that help in cropping of images to its enhancements, and everything else needed to make a picture perfect.


BuzzBundle for Expanding your Reach

If you are a part of some small social media team or doing it on your own, you must be aware how social media planning can be themaintime suck and sometimes tedious as well. By the time you would research some good contents, pen down quality content, create a sharing plan, keep track of the vital analytics, with the hope of bringing in traffic to convert it into a lead, probably it will be the time to write down the next blog post.

Link-Assistant.Com is here to save your valuable time and efforts with BuzzBundle, which is an ultimate all-in-one social media sharing solution.

It is an application that can be used for driving free traffic to your site/blog. Most of the people struggle hard and keep building links to make their site rank higher in the Google, which can actually take several months or sometimes even years to get traffic.

But, by using BuzzBundle one can potentially achieve unlimited traffic quickly leveraging the power of social networks. It usually works by handling all your social media accounts of several platforms, getting involved in discussions across the internet with the use of a very clean user interface.

BuzzBundle supports numerous social networking platforms including forums, blogs, many social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) And QnA sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora and others. With this tool, you can create “buzz” across the web, and reap several benefits for your business by getting quality engaged traffic to your site.

You can easily keep monitor and track about your competitor mentions, SEO and what people are saying about your brand by adding the desired keywords and URLs to the social management portal.


Before you get back to work

Managing an influencing social media presence is no more an overwhelming task. With the assistance of a few user-friendly, effective tools, your brand’s social media presence can not merely be managed, but also it can become far more impressive and effective.

If you are serious of building a successful social media empire or become a mogul, these tools are worth giving a try. These tools can serve your needs according to your goals, and the kind of social media presence you have. Before investing in any tool, you must define your goal and then work further to climb up your social presence beyond imagination.

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