How to develop a mobile app like HQ Trivia?

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HQ Trivia is attracting thousands of people for their live game. This app had grown rapidly in the last few weeks and gathered a lot of fan following. This live game show is offering new experiences to the app users with a chance of winning real cash prizes. Basically, this is a quiz based app where players get 12 questions, which they need to answer in 10 seconds. Mobile apps with live video features have started making success in the recent years.


Mobile apps like HQ Trivia allow you to understand how smart you are. The games in this genre are very popular and we can say that the demand for these games differs in demand of the audience. The various topics in quiz allow you to refer these games in different genres as well.


HQ Trivia is one of the popular and recognizable games in the genre. It is a great example of how mobile app development can transform a great idea into a wonderful application. The players are asked questions in different categories with 4 options. The topics can be chosen by the user as there are many of them pre-installed on the app.


How to develop a mobile app like HQ Trivia?

Setting up live interactive formats like HQ Trivia involves a combination of technology, imagination, business sense and pure expertise. Remember that not every attempt of yours is going become a ‘Big Hit’. You are giving a chance for the big hit, by preparing the ground for massive scale and audience experience.


If you are thinking of making your own version, there are a few technical considerations you should think of. Here are the essential components of an app that you should know about when building an app similar to HQ Trivia.


1. Gameplay

When creating an app like HQ Trivia, it is essential to organize the gameplay. This should be your first and foremost consideration that determines the success rate of your app. Gameplay is an art and you should try to bring uniqueness in the concept. Remember that there are hundreds of apps based on this genre. It is the concept that keeps your app different from others.


If you take a look at the same genre apps, you will find that only a few apps gained considerable popularity. To make the gameplay dynamic, try introducing new modes and be creative in framing the levels.


2. List of features

Once you have decides gameplay, the next step is to make the list of features you want in the Trivia app. It is essential to describe the future function of your app. Highlight the main functions that are found in similar situations. Some of the essential features to include in the app are – user profile, social media authorization, quiz mode, statistics, topic selection, multiplayer mode, messaging and rankings.


The design of UI plays an important role in enhancing the value of your app. Mobile app designers should focus more on making the UI appealing to the users. The game can fail completely if the design is boring or monotonous. When you are designing the UI, it is must to consider the user preference. Know your target audiences before you start designing the UI. Users respond positively to the designs that give the feeling that they are created specifically for the platform.  Make sure that the UI design is compatible with the platform.


How to develop a mobile app like HQ Trivia


3. Coding & Security

The features installed in HQ Trivia like apps are not very difficult to code. However, if you are implementing multi-player or asynchronous feature, the complexity of logic can affect the coding process. It is best when coding and testing go hand in hand, bringing more value to the customer.


Mobile games could reduce the demands of security. However, if it is associated with real cash prizes –you need to ensure that the individual’s score is robust and secured. Besides this, there are other security concerns that you need to bear in mind. The identifiable data must be secured and you must gain explicit consent from the user for playing the game. The users should be allowed to edit, modify or delete the data – based on their preference.


4. Launching and marketing

Once the app is ready, the next step is to market the app so that the end users know about the application. As the market is oversaturated with thousands of such apps, you need to use different marketing strategies to promote your app. Many developers ignore the marketing stage — thinking that the product will gain attention if it is good.


The app should be promoted in an effective way from few months before it is launched. Trivia games are the best category to start a new app. The success rate of your app depends on the gameplay and viability of the idea.


5. Live workflow

There are numerous tools that help you manage live video streams. However, there is a lot more than simply using the tools. You need to create questions, trigger the questions, correct mistakes, feed live results, and generate TV graphics, moderate leaderboards and much more. The app behaviour should be configured depending on the target audience. With a relatively small number of companies around the world, Live interactivity is a creative challenge.



Trivia games are much known for their unpredictable nature, and hence are very popular. This is the reason why HQ Trivia became an overnight sensation. Its interactive layer has repackaged the live stream experience in a fresh and enjoyable way. Trivia games can make you feel like the smartest person in the room.


Many Trivia apps failed in the past because they lack a solid gameplay. If you are an independent app developer, you should think about partnering up with someone with strong marketing channels. Remember that marketing plays an important role in making your app successful.


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