How to get the first 1000 users for your app?

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No matter how great your products or services are, you need to have customers for a sustainable business. As an entrepreneur, you also need to understand the ability to come up with great product ideas does not necessarily mean that you have the innate ability to sell it off to customers successfully. In fact, the hardest part of any business is in getting customers.

Not every entrepreneur is a natural salesperson and the first 1000 users are the biggest hurdle that most start-ups and small business face. So we thought of providing some of the best and proven techniques to get the first 1000 customers.


How to get the first 1000 users for your app


1. Make use of your Peer Group

If you cannot get your friends and family use your new product or service, it might be tough to get any customer. In fact, this is the first test that needs to be passed for most start-ups. Use social media to get your friends and folks to post about the new service or to share the invite code. Make use of communities and forums where sharing of new ideas, products or services are welcome.


2. Find the customers you need now

Many start-ups often target a large number of customers to get the business going. The initial focus when it comes to customer acquisition, however, should be to get customers who would need your platform right now and start using them immediately. This would also help in minimizing the onboarding processes and sales cycles.


3. Target the ideal customer and find him/her

Apart from the near and dear ones, finding the first user is one of the most crucial steps in the user acquisition process. The first user is the cornerstone for the later customer success stories. So, laser focus on what needs to be accomplished to get that first customer. Not to forget, one customer who really loves your product can bring in more customers by just word of mouth, leading to what is known as “organic growth”.


4. Quality over Quantity

For any business, providing the best user experience is the ultimate game changer. By observing the behavioral patterns, the product or service needs to be constantly optimized. Like most of the things, a product or service evolves over time. Also remember in the budding stages, having 10 diehard customers will be much more valuable to the business than having 1000 mildly interested users.  Based on the feedback from the users, tailor the product as needed and the users will be inclined to spread the word around.


5. Identify the barriers

Whether we like it or not, barriers are always present for any business or product which often keeps customers from joining or signing on. You need to analyze why the leads are not getting converted into users. Some of the easiest solutions could be increased communication on the products or better messaging. Often start-ups are requested to ensure all the necessary product information is easily accessible and readable on the website and apps. Make sure, every single person can access and understand about your product and how it can help them or their business.


6. Investing in Press

One of the best ways to achieve coverage and acquire users in the early stages would be through the relevant press. Informative articles both online and offline can draw the attention of potential users and generate valuable leads. Also, articles are one of the easiest ways to let people know about your business.


7. Treat Each customer as “Your Only Customer”

By making use of “treating each customer as your only customer”, many start-ups have achieved wonders as far as their customer base and the products are concerned. All users love individualized attention. By treating them right and asking them for their feedback, they become one of best sources for new business opportunities. Plus their feedback could be invaluable in improving the platforms and product line-ups.


8. Smart & Aggressive Pricing and Marketing

One of the biggest reasons, why start-ups often fail is because of the extreme pricing plans they try to pursue. In order to undercut the existing competitors, start-ups look at narrow margins resulting in fewer budgets for any meaningful marketing campaigns. The proven technique here is to ensure there is enough in the bank to shaafford any meaningful marketing campaigns and not to pursue too much on narrow margins.


9. Associate Everything Together

The Internet is definitely a big ocean comprising of several tides. There are customers, there are vendors often surfacing in different social media platforms or through communication media such as emails. Entrepreneurs are often recommended to link all these platforms so that anything and everything is associated with building a meaningful customer base. Make use of components especially viral components while designing your product. This would encourage users to share about your product in social media.One need not force people, rather leave them with the freedom to use that option.


10. Referral Incentives

One of the proven tricks in the sleeve is the incentive approach. People often are hesitant to try new services. So, to override their uncertainty, the best weapon is to offer a discount. Lure them with an option to pay less than the full price. Provide the discount option to be shared via a two-way referral program. Easy approach with both customer and his friend getting benefits-it is a win-win situation for all the parties.


Every business today needs to understand that trust is one of biggest obstacles over the internet when it comes to trying new services or products. So entrepreneurs share your success and be proactive. Encourage other users to share their success stories using your product. Internet users see other customers’ feedback for validating the claims. Always ensure to have the fastest approach for any customer communication in place, even after sales. These little things do add up when it comes to the organic growth of customers.


Getting the first 1000 users does not happen overnight or at the snap of your fingers. It takes time, but with the simple and effective tricks above, we can assure you that your first 1000 users will lead to thousands and more in the future.

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