How to start off an app building project on the right foot?

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Have you ever wondered why only a few companies succeed in building perfect mobile apps? Is your app struggling to get off the ground? A lot of companies make the mistake of building a mobile app in hurry. While some people feel mobile app development is a daunting process. May be the lack of momentum in mobile app development is making you believe that the app development process is daunting. The thing is – you have to start mobile app development on the right foot.


If you take a look at the mobile app stats today, you will find that the economy is bright and you can expect a growth of 50% in next few years. More than 75% of smartphone users spend up to 60 minutes on mobile apps every day.


In this post, you will learn how to start off your app development project on the right foot. You need a clear understanding of what you are building and why. Follow the steps given below as you start your app development process. These steps will help you create a purposeful product plan and a clear direction to move on.


Know the target audience

The first step is to know the audience who are going to use your app. The bets apps are designed with users in mind. Take time to understand what makes them download your app and how they are going to use it on a daily basis. Browse online communities to get an insight of what all features people want in your app. There a plethora of ways to study your target audience. However, you need to choose the right way and do it thoroughly.


Many developers and business owners make the mistake of jumping into development without knowing about their target audience. Research can help you build better app and ensure the end-product is loved by millions of users.


Choose the process

The entire process of mobile app development can either be a time saving or may not be. The first thing you should understand is that you either choose a process that saves a lot of time or spend lot of time re-learning time saving systems. Whatever is the process you choose, it should fit your app development.


You should have the image of final product for agile process, as it drives all other processes. However, you need not to have 100% image of product in mind – but a goal that guides you throughout the development process.


Know the current app development market

Before you start developing an app, you should have an idea of the existing apps on the app store. There may be hundreds of apps created for the target market you think of. As the app market is filled with thousands of app that are already in use by millions of people all over the world. Find out the apps that your target audience is using and what issues they are experiencing with those apps.


Make sure that you are not only studying about your direct competitors, but also other similar apps. Remember that your competitor is not always in the same market as you. If you want to compare your app design with the best designs, get inspiration from the best in the world.


Another best way to understand the app market is to look at the top performing apps on the app chart. You need to evaluate competition in the entire category, which will give you the advantage you are looking for.


Steps to create a purposeful product plan for app development


Gather quality data

If you want to improve the prototype of your app, you should go through the feedback and reviews on your competitor’s app. When the users leave a review on an app, the comments tend to be valuable and specific. Going through the reviews will help you know how to attract a more satisfied user base and what you should do to make your app stand out in the industry.


Going through the app reviews will give you a better understanding of what your competitors are doing. If you notice a specific complaint cropping around again and again, you should ensure that prototype is designed keeping this complaint in mind. Taking advantage of what your competitors are ignoring will surely give your app an added value.


Choose the right set of tools

Make sure that you are using the right set of tools when you begin prototyping your mobile app. The best tools for your company depends on your experience with the options available and how much you know about app design and development. Some app developers may want to embrace most advanced tools. My advice is to choose the tools that are right fit for your business.


Finding the right tool that work for your company can take your project to a different level. Even if the tool you have chosen is a simple drag-and-drop prototyping service, it is completely ok to use it.


Stay in touch with the technical team

It is must to stay in touch with the technical team from the beginning of app development till the end. As you gather all the details such as – your audience, competition and potential opportunities, start discussing with the technical team. A lot of companies make the mistake of working alone. But, the best approach is to collaborate with the technical team to develop a great plant.


Though you may not be coding at this stage, it is important to know what is possible and what isn’t. Share the plan with stakeholders and investors – and make promises that you can fulfill. Consulting the technical team before development will help you give what is technically possible.


Maintaining a constant contact with the team makes them more involved. You can speak to them when something isn’t right. Remember, not to over communicate as it can spoil your relationship with the team members.



Launching an app in the today’s competitive business world can be one of the best things a company can do to grow its business. It is a new revenue stream for organizations and hence it should be built carefully.  Start building an app with a purpose. Know your target audience and take steps to build an app that people will use for months or years. You will know how easy it is to build an app, once you start it on the right foot.


If you want to know more about mobile app development, we are always there to help you. At Promatics, we hammer out the best practices for mobile app development and propose the right practice for your project based on your business requirement.

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