How UX is different from UI?

In the realm of web design, the expressions UI and UX are completely different. In layman’s language these two terms are used interchangeably but there is a good deal of difference between them. The User experience Design is the abbreviated version of UX, which is something more than that of Interface Design. The expanded form of UI is User Interface Design.Both UI and UX work together and are important for the development of a product. But they are different parts of design and process discipline. UX are comparatively more technical and analytical than UI, whereas graphic designs form a major part of UI.
UX design incorporates user’s interaction with a particular entity. The value and meaning of the entity is created along with creation of an emotional attachment with it. Designing any sort of medium is done in UX like website, service, an event, any application etc. Human factors, cognitive sciences, computer science, psychology and design take up a huge part while staying under UX. An UX designer has to work with other components such as the architecture, design, support and marketing to warrant that the understanding is organized from the beginning to the end.
UX tries to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction by increasing the level of usability, pleasure and ease-of-use which is provided between the product and the client. If one looks at it scientifically, UX is one thing that can be used in developing everything from streetlights, Ikea shelving, automobiles and many more. But since the term is associated with digital field, the analysis, optimization and structure of a client’s involvement with a particular company and products become the focal point. Quality interaction is the ultimate mission for user experience design.
The User Interface Design aids in creating the interaction of a consumer using an entity that is simple and most efficient. It helps in accomplishing the aims. It must be kept in mind that UI forms an integral part of UX. There lies the key to the difference. UI combines interaction design, information architecture and visual design to present before the user a satisfying experience. So it must be clearly kept in mind that hiring specialists for UX and UI, one must not mix the two and hire different set of designers for the work. UI relates to websites or applications and is often known as “presentation layer”. This is one field that is older than UX and is practiced more. The one thing common between the two is that both are equally challenging to achieve. UI is accountable for the devolution of a product’s content, development, layout and research into a beautiful, controlling and responsive skill for the users. Generally, UI is completelydigital whencompared to UX!
Both have different structural techniques, yet there remains a misconception of UI and UX being similar. So, next time, your web development company offer to assign a UI/UX designer on your project, the basic understanding of both the two terms should be cleared out.

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