Industry Research Firm crowns Promatics Technologies as the Top Hybrid App Development Company

Featured Image in its press release of the leading hybrid app development companies in the world , have featured Promatics Technologies as an efficient service provider.


The Rise and the of need of Hybrid App Developers

Hybrid apps have proven to be a boon for app developers as well as businesses. A decade before, if you wanted to build an iOS as well as an Android version of your app then you needed to build two separate apps for each platform. Though the native apps perform smoothly, it created a lot of hassle for both, the app development companies and the clients, as the cost, the time taken, as well as the effort required to build separate apps for Android and iOS doubled when compared with building one single app.

With the dawn of Hybrid apps, this scenario changed as it was possible to build apps which could run on both the platforms with minimal changes. This saved considerable cost and time of the client as well as the app development company. But building Hybrid apps brings its own set of challenges, which are well mitigated by companies like Promatics technologies. This is the reason why we are included in the list of top hybrid developers.


An overview of Promatics Technologies

Promatics Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 organization and we will soon become a CMMi level III certified company. An incessant focus on delivering the best value to our customers has been the cornerstone of Promatics’ success journey. A journey in which we completed more than 3000 projects both big and small and in the process have grown from a small organization to a company with a headcount of 100+ employees. We are so confident about our expertise that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee and this confidence is what has allowed us to gain confidence among our clients to approach us first for their new projects.

Apart from being good at building high-quality hybrid apps, we at Promatics are proficient in other services like web development, mobile app development, CMS management, cloud development, e-commerce development, IT consultation services, validation and testing services and designing solutions.

Companies like Alstom, DHL, Airtel, and P&G have put their trust in our capabilities as an expert IT service provider. Having worked with clients from various industry verticals we have gained a lot of experience about how these industries work. We continue to utilize this knowledge bank to serve our customers coming from similar industries in a better manner.  Our portfolio  is the right place to understand our work process, technical skills, and project development expertise.

“It has been an amazing experience working with Promatics Technologies”- these are the kind words used by one of our clients while reviewing us on Promatics Technologies profile has other important details regarding how we shape up in terms of maintaining balance between client, industry and service focus.


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