iOS 6 – Ten Features That Make the Big Difference

With the launch of iOS 5, there was a gesture that there is no further scope of auxiliary enhancements but, by launching iOS 6, Apple has turned the whole world of mobile operating system around and proved that there is a lot which Apple hasn’t still revealed. iOS 6 has more than 150 new features installed and this statement is enough to depict why it is the most dominant mobile operating system till date. With so many new and exciting features, it is sure most of apple users’ would be thinking that how they lived till now without these features in their mobile’s operating system. So far iOS 6 is available only on beta model for developers like iPhone 3GS and above, iPad 2 and the fourth generation iPod will also get power from this super potent iOS 6. Here are the ten most exhilarating features of iOS 6 which has brought it on top within weeks from its launch.


  1. In iOS 6, apple has made all the controls related to ad tracking and data access granting brighter than before. In settings, they have given a privacy tab which gives all the information regarding which apps are using location services; accessing your contacts, calendars, reminders, or photos; or using Bluetooth. From this tab only, you can take command of applications which use your Facebook or twitter information via the operating system.
  2. After a long stint of companionship, Apple has finally left Google maps to have its very own Apple maps. The Apple maps have brought a revolutionary change in how the users were using maps till now. Apple maps has some cool features like spoken directions and turn-by-turn navigation, real-time crowd sourced traffic updates, quick routes, re-routing option and near-by business details which gets power from yelps. Apart from these features, Apple maps also showcase Flyover which gives a 3D version of buildings and landmarks around.
  3. In iOS 6, integration with Facebook has been improvised a lot and made easier than before. It allows the user to share photos and locations from the device and get updates on the latest happenings on your Facebook page as well as calendar. Now with iOS 6, all the events in your Facebook as well as twitter will be integrated with calendar to make sure that the user does not any of the notifications. The apps store has now been made more like-friendly.
  4. Siri has been made even smarter than before as now it can proffer all the sports stats, restaurant reviews and movie tickets booking. Using siri, now the user can also make reservations via the OpenTable application and check schedules and rating. Siri now also allows you to select apps for you, install them and run for you. Using siri in iOS 6, the user gets ease of dictating his posts for Facebook and twitter. It is in news that Apple is now in hunt for collaborating with many car manufactures to get siri integrated in their voice command on the steering wheel system. Siri has been made multi-lingual and now it features in Canadian English and French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  5. With passbook application available on iOS 6, now it’s time to get rid of all papers that you carry in form of tickets, boarding passes, movie tickets and store cards. With this app of iOS 6, the user can scan the details and get a comfortable access into plane, cinema, and a concert or wherever you want to be and keep constant tabs on your store card balance all from your iOS devices. Using this passbook application, the user can get real-time updates on any sort of changed scheduled and updates straight on his phone. In short terms, this passbook app can turn a phone into a GPS enabled secure, opportune, versatile and competent wallet administrating all your cards, coupons, tickets and passes.
  6. iOS 6, photo sharing with others can now be done with extreme ease using the iCloud. While using iCloud with iOS 6, the user will experience photo syncing in real time which will be available on web too. Commenting is allowed with the facility of sharing as much as possible without disturbing the iCloud storage.
  7. In iOS 6, the calling application has been twirled thoroughly as now the user can reply to missed or declined call with a customized or stored message. The user also gets the alternative of saving the call into reminder which reminds you to call back later to the caller. The “Do Not Disturb” option allows you to get a call-free time when you need it the most. This app also spaces out the people whose calls are important for you from those whose calls are not that important and this way give you more power to choose whom you want to contact you when your phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode.
  8. The phone numbers and Apple IDs both have been unified in iOS 6 and FaceTime is made cellular which means that if someone calls you on FaceTime using your phone number, you can reply the call both on iOS device as well as on Mac. Texts sent to iOS enabled device are updated immediately on iPad or Mac.
  9. A feature of iOS 6 that has been most impressive is that apart from swiping to refresh aspect, it allows you to get your contacts as VIP and after that you can get notification in real time of mail from VIP contacts even on your locked screen. It also gives you an option to star your VIP emails for better visibility or you can just get the VIP mailbox option.
  10. Safari is now geared with iCloud tabs in iOS 6 and this allows the user to start where he left off from on some other iOS device. In offline reading list option, the safari preserves the content you would like to access while you are offline. This options looks better than bookmarking where the user is made to link again to the page through internet. In this enhanced version of safari, the user can upload photos from inside safari without leaving it to pick photos. With iPhone and iPad, the users can now view a full-screen image from web in a landscape form.


Apart from these above mentioned features, there are several other features in the new iOS 6 operating system which are notable enough. Promatics Technologies has been delivering out of box iPhone Apps in the past and will to continue to build on the legacy with iOS 6 as well.


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