iOS 9: All that you need to know

The unveiling of the latest operating system iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad is due soon. The main features will soon be revealed officially. iOS 9 promises you a better experience with each and every touch and provides more rich features and apps that help you do more each day. The improvements of the operating system assure to enhance performance, battery life, and security.


There is a fundamental Question that is arising due to anxiousness amongst the masses that is ‘Will I be able to update to iOS 9?’ And the answer to it is ‘Yes’, there is a high probability that the iOS 9 will be compatible with iOS devices which use Apple’s A5 processor those are all iPhones beginning with the iPhone 4s, the iPad 2 onwards, all three iPad minis and the fifth generation of the iPod touch.


The other question is about the Music. Apple had purchased few divisions of the famous company Beats Electronics. At the WWDC 2015 Apple announced a revamped version of Beats Music, under the name Apple Music. The service enables you to stream everything available on iTunes, and will also offer many playlist recommendations. There is a Connect point where artists can post their latest tracks and video clips of them recording in studio.


Let us quickly skim through the predicted features of the iOS 9:


    1. Split Screen mode


    2. Force touch Support


    3. New security System


      a. Trusted wifi


      b. Proactive



    1. Split Screen Mode to turn the iPad into a business focused device:Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture are a few of the exciting new features that give you new ways to multitask on iPad. Introduction of the New QuickType features make formatting and text selection easier with shortcuts at your fingertips.


    It is said that Apple is planning to introduce multitasking into iOS. One drawback that the iPad had was lack of ability to run multiple apps simultaneously which stopped it from being an effective business device. Apple is currently working on an enterprise iPad named iPad Pro, for potential release soon and shipping with iOS 9.


    Leaks suggest that the iPad Pro could measure between 12.2 and 12.9-inches, with dimensions of 305.3 x 220.8 x 7mm. It could also be designed with a stylus and Force Touch-enabled display.


    2. Force touch Support:Force Touch, was first introduced with the Apple Watch and it is a great way to build pressure sensitivity into its multi-touch input mechanisms, which allows users to press more firmly and trigger secondary actions. Force touching the Apple Watch, is used as if it is for the right click on a Mac, opening up more settings and menu options that would be difficult to integrate into a small interface.


    The additional menus provide options to change the Face of the watch, while Force clicking using a trackpad reveals locations used on maps, previews a file’s contents or adds an event to a calendar invite, and so on


    3. New Security System:The new rootless security system is designed to put an end to users jail-breaking their iPhones, or malicious individuals hacking into them. Apple has taken care of preserving user privacy and data protection.


    Rootless has specifically been designed to prevent malware and protect user information and data. Here the kernel-level feature will work across both iOS and OS X, and it can be disabled on OS X, it will prevent administrator-level users too from accessing certain protected files which could potentially prevent jail-breaking iOS devices to install unauthorised apps.


      a. Trusted wifi:One more security feature is also said to be included, Trusted Wi-Fi. Macs and iOS devices will use highly encrypted connections when attempting to join unknown routers, while connecting to authorised networks without the need for additional security measures.


      b. Proactive:A new and improved version of the Spotlight search function. It offers search results from your installed apps, notes, contacts and Wikipedia entries upon swiping down on the unlocked homescreen. The new feature will be located at the left side of the homescreen. Proactive is reported to integrate Siri, Passbook and third party apps.


    Apple Pay rewards scheme:Apple is heard to be planning to introduce a rewards scheme as an incentive to its users towards Apple Pay. Apple has made use of the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to allow its customers to pay for goods and services with NFC chips in their iPhone 6.


The history of the operating system – from iPhone through iOS


Year of Release OS version Features/ Updates
2007 iPhone OS 1 Stone Age with No 3G, no basic functions such as copy / paste
2008 iPhone OS 2 Supported Microsoft Exchange and saw the launch of 3G and the App Store
2009 iPhone OS 3 Video! MMS! Cut, copy and paste included
2010 iOS 4 The iOS name was given. It allowed multiple apps
2011 iOS 5 The launch of the iPhone 4S handset came with iOS 5 and its 200 new features, including Siri
2012 iOS 6 Google maps replaced by the Maps App, Siri got better and faster and the Passbook too was born
2014 iOS 7 Mainly aesthetic changes for iOS 7, a flattened interface and single-swipe control
2014 iOS 8 It came with Homekit and Healthkit, which collates all related apps, and compiles information for third parties.

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