iPhone 5: What Does It Mean For Developers And Apps?

With the release of iPhone 5 and sales of more than 5 million pieces within three days of its launch, Apple has made one thing very clear; they rule the smart phone marketplace. The new iPhone 5 was long awaited not only by masses but also by the app developers as they hoped there will be much in store for them. iPhone 5 has fulfilled their ambition and has perfectly proven as good news for iPhone Apps developers around the world.
The new iPhone 5 has a bigger [4 inches] screen and this was initially understood as the biggest threat to the existing Apps. The Apps developers were in a worry that they will have to re-design their existing Apps all over again but during the launch, it was revealed to the world that with those Apps not fitting to the bigger screen, there will be border all around and that the image will stay in the center of the screen.
There has been a general consensus that this new screen size is not going to trouble at all. Apps developers are happy that now with a bigger screen of iPhone 5; they will get an opportunity to test their Apps on a hand-held device. During the launch show, Apple informed that most of the Apps will run letterboxed on iPhone 5, until they are updated to comply with the bigger screen. Default launch image will be required to add with all Apps to use the bigger screen to its fullest. Apps developers will have to develop an updated version of Apps but this new add-on is simpler and useful as it gets Apps up and running quickly.
In iOS 6, the interface of Apps store has been totally redesigned to give the phone-user more information about Apps, more screenshots, more reviews and all with reduced clicks. This new interface has been designed to encourage users to download more Apps which will surely pressurize Apps developers to develop even more and exciting Apps. It will also update the users with Apps they might have skipped previously. Director of P.R Jacqueline Tanzella says that the new phone will help in downloads and major credit goes to iOS6.
Listed below are some new features that are available pre-loaded to the users:
• A new and enhanced mapping system
• Sharing photo streams
• Preloaded passbook for coupons, cards, tickets and passed
• New options of “Do Not Disturb” and reminder setting in call options
• Camera with Panorama, 5-element lens, autofocus, LED flash, and more
• Widescreen video, 16:9 aspect ratio, instead of letterbox
• New mail app that includes customized V.I.P settings
• New accessibility features for disabled users
• Redesigned iTunes app
Developers are little tensed and cautious about how their Apps will translate as there will be lots of pressure of clients on them to switch to new aspect ratio as soon as possible. Apps Developer Marco Tabini says that as per trend, no one wants a bigger letterbox around their Apps. Tabini further says that Apps with complex layout will have to be rethought, and in some cases there could be significant work involved. A factor that has played a significant part in iPhone’s success is that it makes available, all the third party Apps in its Apps store. This move is considerably good but will make Apps development rather harder for third party developers. Apps developers should expect to improve their UI interface for building grid views for image rich content. Developers should make sure that they look to auto-layout to design Apps interface so that it supports all members of iPhone family. As apple updates arrive, there will be a sharp rise in demand for third-party Apps and this is confirmed as reports say that this new iPhone 5 has the potential to improve the GDP.
On the whole developers are happy that new iPhone 5, with all new features, interface, O.S has not proven too grim and all credit goes to the apple designers and programmers that they have made transition as smooth and un-fragmented as possible.

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