Join the ranks of Uber with your own taxi app

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Uber has been one of the top tier services when it comes to booking taxis and the simplicity that they offer is truly unmatchable. In just seven years they have managed to rank in millions of dollars each year and they have accumulated about 8 million users who swear by their quality of service. So what is it that made them become so effective in a market that is so competitive and stand the test of time? The answer is very simple, it’s their mobile app. While people still stick to clunky UIs that are sluggish and do happen to be slow and ineffective Uber has a high quality app that takes care of all your booking needs.


One thing that they had managed to think ahead of time was that the usage of mobile data and phone internet through Wi-Fi hotspots had been increasing quite speedily and it only made sense for them to tap into the market and make the most of it. People who generally need cabs are people who are on the go and having an app makes it very convenient for them to use and get instant searches done. Uber has managed to rake in quite a few investments over the years and they are currently holding cash and debtors assets at over $11 billion. It has been growing at a fast pace and for a service that was meant to help local travelers, the founders of Uber have turned it into a large scale business spread across continents.


Join the ranks of Uber with your own taxi app


So how do I make an app like Uber?

If you plan on making on-demand apps like Uber then you need to consider app development services very carefully and put your focus on the technology that is being used rather than the service. The service is something that you can always alter and revamp depending on what you are offering and how your business runs in the long run. But, the app development costs and the technology you invest in isn’t flexible and sometimes it requires complete overhaul of plans so you need to make sure you choose the right technology platform. It becomes hard to pleasure clients and investors if the technology you use is not good enough.


Once you take care of the technology side of things through mobile app development services you need to take care of the experience of your app. You have to take care of both your customers as well as your drivers by offering them a platform that is easy to user and helps them avail the service based on their convenience. Offering services to driver’s like breaks or request pauses is essential. Drivers might need to have food, take bathroom breaks or have other needs and giving them the ability to pause the service until they are ready to drive again can be a great feature to add. Paying them instantly for each ride that they complete is also a great way to make your app successful. It motivates the drivers a lot more and they will want to take in more rides each day than they normally would on monthly payment cycles.


Similarly for your app users you can also choose to add features like ride sharing where they can choose to share a ride and the fare gets adjusted according to what you what you need very easily. You can also have different cars at different rates and the users can choose what kind of services they need and choose the car they need. Another way to ensure a stable customer base is by introducing a registration feature that lets them quickly book cabs without needing to enter their details every time they need to hail a cab. GPS is also one of the most essential features that you need to have if you want to have proper pick up and drop facilities that can help your drivers and passengers connect to each other without needing to call each other repeatedly. All of this can be made possible by high quality mobile app development services that can offer you a premium app based on your needs.


These are just some of the bare essentials that you need to keep in mind. If you maintain the quality of services well enough you can rest assured that you will be on your path to success in no time at all. Or better outsource to a premier App Development Company like Promatics and save all the hassles. With our in depth analysis of time and effort required as well as experience in ride-sharing application development like Uber, Lyft and Ola you are sure to get a winner.

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