Key principles for a Successful UI Design

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The design of user interface depends on what user needs to use for and for how long. The user interface is designed in such a way that a user can completely rely on it without any trouble; It should be easily accessible, can be understood by the common man and must be used for providing the best solution on different actions. User Interface consists of different concepts that together brought which includes information architecture, interaction design and visual design. The person who undertakes the responsibility of designing user interface must have a clear idea about the key principles and elements which needs to be integrated.


Key principles for a Successful UI Design


What is User Interface?

When it comes to application development it is the user interface which plays a crucial role. It is designed by the developers in such a way that user can access it easily. The developers while creating new applications also make the user interface for the same so that demand of the users is easily met. Some people fail to develop user interface effectively as they don’t follow the standards properly or put the desired efforts that can make the application work in the right manner. It is not only the use of right code or the perfect blend of color scheme that makes a user interface successful. There are certain key factors that equally need to be taken a good care.


Know the importance of user Interface?

For people who are planning to sign the job of user interface for the first time if have no clue about its importance then they may not be able to operate it properly. The best part about such program is the ease of using it. Other than this, such type of interface is available at an affordable price and does not require much training before using it. As you can easily access it, you don’t require any kind of support which eventually reduces the price of the support. If you design the user interface in a right manner, it would increase the demand among the users and you will make good profit.


Making the selection for the interface elements:

There are different interface elements which work in a selective manner. You have to make sure that you are clear and consistent while making the choice and the layout which would be suitable. This will help in completing the task, increase the efficiency and offer the best satisfaction.


Quick tips to follow:

It is always good to have consistency in the UI interface design that you make. For every click there should be some action that eases down the work of the user. Your buttons should be designed in a consistent manner. If you keep on changing them every time, it can be annoying. Also make a note that these buttons are visible easily on all type of screens. Other than this, follow a consistency in the scheme of the color that you choose. This reduces the costs of training and support. While preparing for the interface, ensure that Modeling Standards practice in different software development is made. Accept new ideas and if you think it can benefit your UI and meets it standards then inculcate the same. If your interface is user friendly, you will get more demand. It is always better that your user interface is designed by the experts who hold years of experience in this field. These experts can also offer the best of the advice on how efficiently you can enhance the user interface


Know different elements that need to be used:

  • A bunch of navigational components that includes slides, breadcrumb, slider, icons, tags, and search field
  • The use of input controls which includes radio buttons, buttons, text fields, list boxes, date field, and toggles.
  • The use of components that is informational which includes notifications, tooltips, message boxes, model windows, icons, and progress bar to name a few.
  • Make sure when you choose more than one element at a time, you keep the trade-offs in mind. This will save ample space


Know the Principles of User Interface Design

If you wish to improve the user interface quality and enhance its design, then follow certain principles that can prove out to be helpful.


Follow the principle to reuse: The design that you make should be able to reuse the external and internal components and maintain that consistency is stable.


The principle must be simple: Make a design which is simple and easy to understand. There are certain common tasks which you can be simple enough to be done. The mode of communication must be simple and user should have the ease to understand the same in its own language. It would be great if you can provide few shortcuts which can prove to be a time saver.


Use the principle of Feedback: It is always good to update the users about the new upgrades, interpretations and actions that you will be taking ahead. If there is any kind of changes or errors that might come up, your user must have a better idea about it.


Follow the principle of good visibility: This is another key principle which you need to keep in mind. Make sure your designs have got all the necessary required options and materials that can make the tasks visible without stuffing the interface with unnecessary information.


The principle of tolerance: Your design should be easy and not restrictive. It must be flexible enough to save your time and the risk of mistakes must be minimal. Do not misuse the interface by redoing any design further.

Remember just the way an application function is important, it is equally true that the way through which the functions work equally matters. So never underestimate the user interface design value. The user interface is a medium through which your idea can interact with the user through certain programs, software and devices. So ensure that all the principles are followed in a right manner. A professional web development company like Promatics makes sure all standard principles of user interface are followed and all website and apps hence designed are simple, clean and accessible.

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