Kotlin is the way forward for Android App Development as Google makes it the official programming language for Android Apps

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Most Android developers would concur that Java is ageing, clunky and difficult to create applications that are futuristic. Though Java is has major advantages when it comes to inter-operability, it poses security risks and slows down while handling large amounts of data. The way forward to developing Android applications lies in the adoption of Kotlin.


Kotlin was developed by Russian developers in 2011 and since then, has been improved upon by open source developers. It specifically solves problems that Java poses and is just as inter-operable as Java or even more. Since 2017, Google has pushed Kotlin as an official Android language and the search engine itself is making a paradigm shift towards Kotlin. This was cemented further at Google I/O 2019 when Google announced that Kotlin is now Android first. A comparison can be drawn between Swift, which quickly replaced Objective C as iOS platform’s default development language. Being open source, Kotlin comes equipped with the latest ideas from community developers.


Yet, you might want to know why Kotlin is the only way forward for developing Android applications. In this article, let us take a look at why there is no option but to adopt Kotlin as the go-to programming language for the Android ecosystem.


Innovative developers have already adopted Kotlin

Many insiders reveal that developers in general tend to be resistant to change. As Java has worked for Android devices all these years, they may feel there is no need to adopt a new language. Unfortunately, the Android ecosystem is far more complex today than it was a couple of years ago. Agile agencies have already adopted Kotlin as their primary development language in order to ensure that applications are compatible with Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies.


Java simply cannot handle such large amounts of data, and developing complex applications for the next decade requires a language that is simple, effective and clutter-free. Kotlin isn’t an upstart and is a mature language whose IDE plugin is ruthlessly efficient. Before Version 1.0 was released, Kotlin went through many stages of testing and beta releases. While developers may hesitate to learn a new language, there are already agencies which specialize in Kotlin and have adopted it as their default Android development platform.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Java 6 is obsolete and does not have much future. While many developers continue to hang on to what they know best, a new breed of agencies shave begun to use Kotlin as their choice. They have reasons to do so.


I. Kotlin is easy to learn

One of the biggest challenges to making a change is the learning curve. Developers often stick to older ways because they find learning a new language time-consuming and difficult. This has important career and financial ramifications, and developers simply cannot afford to keep projects shelved while they acquire new skills. Thankfully, Kotlin is easy to learn and developers will find many similarities between Java and Kotlin. Most importantly, a supportive community that answers every question ensures that future updates and releases can all be understood quickly by developers. In short, one only needs to invest a short period of time to learn Kotlin and be prepared for the future.


Kotlin is easy to learn


II. Kotlin is amenable to changes

Java is a very old programming language that is heaving under the weight of consumer expectations and emerging technologies. Working with Java for complex projects that involve artificial intelligence Blockchain or Internet of Things can be time-consuming and impractical. Kotlin, on the other hand, is a modern language that has been developed for creating applications of tomorrow. It is going to remain relevant for a long time to come and will help businesses to develop applications that are futuristic. Most importantly, Kotlin is agile and is amenable to changes, If one wants to make major changes to an existing application, it is rather easy to do so.

Kotlin is amenable to changes


III. Kotlin assures a high level of security

While Java is trusted and used by companies all over the world, Android applications are known to be the most prone to security lapses. In fact, interviews with iOS device users suggest they prefer buying Apple devices simply because they are perceived to be safer than Android ones. While such a perception may be biased and prejudiced, surveys reveal most hacking attempts and identity thefts take place on Android applications, which are usually written using Java. Kotlin eliminates this issue as it is very secure and offers an error-free development experience, with the end result being enhanced security levels and a high degree of protection from malicious activities.


Kotlin assures a high level of security


IV. Working with Kotlin is fun

Developers often complain that Java is boring to use, and that it has a number of limitations. If they wish to create something innovative, they need to invest a lot of time and effort, which ironically kills any creativity that a developer may experience. For an application to be successful, the app development process is very crucial. If the developer does not enjoy the process, the resulting application maybe mediocre and may not be satisfying enough for users. It needs to be borne in mind that users do not spend a lot of time using an application if they don’t like it immediately. Kotlin, on the other hand, makes the development process easy and fun. Developers can actually enjoy the process of coding and building an application, which results in higher levels of productivity.


Working with kotlin is fun


V. Complex projects can be finished quickly

Kotlin is an enterprise grade programming language that was specifically built with businesses in mind. When Kotlin was conceived, its writers foresaw business requirements in the future, and crated a language that could quickly finish complex projects. Whether you wish to create an ecommerce application or an ERP tool for your industrial floor, Kotlin can solve every enterprise requirement efficiently and quickly. Java is verbose and does not offer the brevity that Kotlin offers. Brevity results in fewer errors and faster completion of projects. Java simply cannot offer the ease of use and speed that Kotlin offers, especially when developing complex and futuristic applications meant to be used in the coming decade.


Complex projects can be finished quickly


Kotlin adoption is a necessity for both developers and their clients

The only thing that is holding back developers and businesses from adopting Kotlin can be boiled down to resistance to change. We expect that this resistance will prove to be contrary to competitiveness and efficiency, and will hurt not only the businesses that still use Java applications, but also the business of agencies that continue to use Java well into 2020s. Kotlin offers a modern and flexible approach which is greatly needed for surviving market expectations and challenges posed by emerging technologies. Thankfully, it is easy to use and developers can learn Kotlin quickly. Adopting Kotlin is an investment in future that every Android app development company needs to make since Google now wants you to do that.


As for businesses and clients, they should choose vendors who are comfortable using Kotlin and not fall for false assurances that continue to promote Java as the only programming language suitable for Android app development.

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