Node.JS vs PHP: Which one to choose for your project?

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Every day, some new technologies are emerging that change to focus the mobile landscape. Different technologies were used for front-end and back-end development. The scenario has changed with the launch of different programming languages. There is a huge competition between C, Java, Perl, and Node.JS.


Now, the question is how to select the right solution for your project. If you want to develop an app for your company and are confused between PHP and Node.JS, you must be familiar with the advantages and limitations.


Are some projects better on Node.JS and others on PHP? Before we find out that let’s get started with a brief overview of each.



Node.JS is a popular framework that converts ordinary JS into general-purpose language suitable for server-side development. It is characterized by programming paradigm that allows the user to create asynchronous processing. The coding style may be a bit complicated for those who worked with PHP or JavaScript. The main advantage of Node.JS is package manager that is based on NPM. The usage of this model reduces the software development time, as it focuses on development and backend functionality.


The Node JS is built on the V8 engine so that developers can build fast apps without much effort. For these issues, the standard functions are used from the repository. The best thing about Node.JS is that it can be used to create APIs using a variety of tools such as – Angular.Js, MongoDB and Express.Js.


Pros and cons of Node.JS

Like other frameworks, Node.JS also has some drawbacks and advantages. Some of the pros of Node.JS are as below –

a.) Fast server-side solution – Node.JS can be used to create non-blocking I/O apps that can easily service multiple concurrent events. Developers can create highly scalable solutions that maximize computer memory and CPU usage while servicing multiple requests. Node.JS is ideal for heavy I/O bound workflows and data-driven apps.

b.) Single language – Node.JS is server-side language and gives complete benefits of scripting language across app development stack. Using the same programming language on the front-end and back-end enhances the functionality of your app. It also contributes to faster app development and bug fixing.

c.) Great flexibility – when it comes to app development using Node.JS, there are only a few guidelines and dependencies. There are no strict rules that ask the developers to select particular design patterns or architecture. You will have access to hundreds of modules via NPM repository.


Coming to the drawbacks, here are some of the cons of Node.JS for app development.

a.) Not good to handle intensive apps – This framework is not suitable for handling intensive CPU operations,like – editing graphics, generating audios and videos etc. The apps that are based on Node.JS become highly responsive. If you are planning to create graphics based app, you should opt for a multi-threaded server environment.

b.) Although Node.JS repository allows developers to access a group of third-party modules, they are fairly immature. The inconsistent version and bugs make it difficult for the maintaining team.



PHP is an open source programming language that is known for developing web apps. It was originally considered as the best platform to design websites. Today, mobile app developers are using it to create dynamic and user-friendly apps. Creating scalable apps is easy and cost-effective with PHP. It is characterized by its unique style of writing code.


There is no restriction on order of code structures – making it easier for developers. That’s the reason why beginners use to choose PHP over other scripting languages. Also, the support of the community to solve thousands of problems made it the first choice for developers.


The best thing about PHO modules is that they can be integrated with third-party solutions using various APIs.


Pros and cons of PHP

PHP will ensure all your app development needs are covered. It has become increasingly popular because of its friendly licensing terms and ease of building robust apps. The ecosystem of PHP made it stronger for driving standardization within the corporate.


Pros of PHP

a.) Powerful code – It has a rich code base with platforms such as – WordPress, Joomla and Drupal enable Rapid App development. One can create a blog or e-commerce website in minutes using PHP. Additionally, there are dozens of PHP apps offered by different hosting platforms. This means PHP offers you everything for app development in minutes.

b.) Precise solution – PHP can run on any server and platform – providing a compact app development solution. It is easier for smaller companies to integrate, deploy and manage their apps without any knowledge of secure shell (SSH) console commands.

c.) Web solutions – PHP was designed to work efficiently on the web with great functionality to manage HTML. If you want to avoid overloading of client side, PHP is highly beneficial.


Cons of PHP

a.) Poorly maintainable code – PHP allows developers to mix HTML with language syntax, making it harder to extend PHP apps with new functionality. Moreover, it is difficult to manage code with such large code base.

b.) Slow client-server model – The client-server model of PHP is outdated, making it slower compared to Node.JS.


How to decide between Node.JS and PHP?

Both these programming languages have their own advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right platform, you need to leverage your knowledge of both the ecosystems.


If you are planning to develop real-time applications such as video conferencing, IM etc – Node.JS is a great fit. Node.JS is ideal for server-side events – making it easy to implement publish and subscribe architectures used in real time apps. This feature of Node.JS makes it suitable for IoT apps with heavy and flexible client-side functionality.


Node JS and PHP work in different manner


On the contrary, PHP is a great choice for blogs, web portals, news sites and landing pages. You can create blogs and e-commerce sites without much coding. Additionally, there are many customized themes that give new opportunities for web developers. If hosting support is an issue, PHP is a better choice.



When choosing between PHP and Node.JS – you must consider the type of app you are developing. You should consider PHP if you are looking for a standardized solution with great hosting support. On the contrary, you should choose Node.JS – if you are developing real-time apps.


If you cannot decide which language is suitable for your project, contact us. We will gladly take up your project!

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