Office Olympics @ Promatics!!!


The London Olympics may be over but the anticipation and excitement gripped Promaticians and set them in the right mood to be an Olympian @ Office Olympics held on 22nd Sept. Everyone was full of energy to take up the challenges to win. The arena was full of excited spectators cheering on their team. We started off with Balloon Shooting event. And the exuberant teams proved themselves as sharp shooters. The game reached to thrilling conclusion as two teams went into a sudden death tie-breaker to determine 1st position. The teams were put into “physical challenge” through Tug of War wherein everyone went to head-to-head with fierce competition. It was great fun to see everyone running a race in backward direction with spoon, holding lemon, in their mouth. All the teams fighting for Olympic ascendancy competed in grueling events like Dog and Bone, Water Balloon Bottle Race etc. At the end of fun-filled day, the winners were awarded. Everyone rejoicing with triumph enjoyed the scrumptious snacks.
It was a wonderful evening to rejuvenate the minds!!!

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