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React Native is a popular framework these days. Many reputed brands like – Airbnb, Facebook, Uber etc have embraced React Native technology to build their latest apps. It was initially commenced as Facebook’s project developed to fulfill the company’s needs.


Originally, it was designed to support iOS. Today, the React Native library can provide UIs for both iOS and Android. Facebook made it open source with the purpose of helping developer community to operate it on other platforms. In short, the company wanted to bring all the advantages of web development to mobile.


Many companies have decided to bet on it since it has gone open source. There are dozens of apps that were built using React Native, some of which include – Facebook, Instagram, UberEats, and Skype etc. Let’s take a look at these apps in detail.


1. Facebook ads manager

Well, this should obviously be on the top of the list – as the Facebook developed this project in response to its needs.  Facebook Ads Manager is the first cross-platform app built by Facebook. This framework makes it easier for developers to handle different time zones, date format, ad format etc. With an intuitive UX and clean interface – it ensures an amazing experience to the users.


Facebook Ads Manager was built with React Native


React Native brings the features that developers used to get on the web. Due to its fast development cycle and self-contained UI components to the mobile platform, companies prefer working on a daily basis with their development team.


2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats app based on React Native platform bridges the gap between eaters, delivery partners, and restaurants. This model also needs an extra dashboard for restaurants, as the original one was designed for the web. The best thing is that it has limited access to native functionalities of the device such as sound notifications. The framework comprises of small part of the technology stack. However, developers are confident that this app can help them meet the needs of consumers.


Uber Eats built using React Native


The main aim of this app is to make it easier to order food from user’s favorite restaurants as seamless as riding with Uber. The revamped dashboard of Uber Eats has become a great tool for every restaurant listed on Uber Eats.


3. Bloomberg

This mobile app gives clients an interactive experience with personalized videos, content, and Live feeds across Bloomberg’s Media. The company had a different app development framework and team that builds apps using React Native technology. The key feature of React Native is that it automates code refreshes. It means, your app is reloaded instantly.


The React Native technology was adopted s that apps can be updated simultaneously across multiple platforms.


4. Wix

The online company Wix provides a wide range of web hosting and website design services. The users are allowed to design their own website using drag and drop tools. The best thing about Wix is that developers can create their own app and market it to other people without knowledge of coding. Besides these, there are plenty of navigation options such as – react-navigation, React-Native-Router-Flux, Wix-React-Native-Navigation etc.


React Native apps are about delivering the speed of web app development in hybrid space. With React Native, you don’t have to build a mobile web app or a hybrid app. you can build a real app that is indistinguishable from the web app.


5. Airbnb

Airbnb integrated React Native into its mobile app, enabling a different style of app development. You can get quick feedback – you don’t have to write hundreds of lines of code before you actually “Build”. Although the cost of integrating React Native with existing app was high, it was easy to start and paid off very well.


Airbnb apps were built on React Native


Developers faced a number of challenges along the way. The biggest challenge was that people who are new to React Native struggled a lot because of status management in a React app. However, the ability to reuse the code made it easier for developers.


6. Instagram

Recently, Instagram integrated React Native into their existing app. The UI was quite simple with push notification view. However, the team faced a few problems – but gradually developed the speed of app development. More than 90% of the code was shared between iOS and Android apps, making it easier for developers to deliver the app much faster.


The resulting UI is highly responsive. Thanks to the JavaScript interactions that made it possible. The app has faster and smooth load times compared to any other typical app.


7. Walmart

Walmart aims high to become one of the largest online retailers in the world. The company has to take risky moves to gain a competitive advantage and fulfill its goals. The company is trying new technologies and adopting new strategies to enhance user experience. By introducing Node.Js into its stack, it has already proved its determination towards achieving its goals.


Developers feel that they don’t need a pure version to test against. As far as the look and feel is concerned, writing Walmart app in React Native would provide significant benefit. By using lesser resources, the company succeeded in improving its performance in both the reputed platforms. No doubt, React Native gave a competitive advantage in terms of smooth graphics and great performance.


8. Skype

The New Skype is one of the largest React Native apps with millions of users. The new version is totally revamped with new icons and few extra features. The preview of Skype is already available for iOS. It is worth knowing that React Native Plugin was moved not only to Skype but also Microsoft. This means we can expect to see the New Skype for Windows.


It is worth noting that the resulting UI is highly responsive. The new Skype has smooth load times and feel. What else you need?



React Native platform let developers build mobile apps using JavaScript. Since the time React Native was made open-source, it has grown massively. There are many apps written in React Native and we can expect to see a drastic increase in the coming years. Although there are some faults and drawbacks, it is likely to bring endless opportunities to the developers. All in all it can be said that React Native is the best cross platform app development tool today.

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