Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Upcoming Web Development?

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In this era of mobile technology, apps are faster than mobile websites. In earlier years this was one of the major conversations in Web, app publishing and development.

Instant Articles by Facebook is theoretically predicted to get more views in less time. Twitter and Google will launch the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) early this year with thousands enormous publishers already on board.

These AMP and Articles seems to be just a patch on a universal problem, and certainly the websites and mobile Web applications are partially built for mobile.

We can see the overall architecture of the apps on PC as well as the desktop browser-based Web, by using these structural design developers and designers are speeding up the apps for mobile. This method can be seen in “binding” for native apps, and fond in PhoneGap (Apache Cordova, IE) where most of the websites and Web apps are coded in CSS and HTML and then “covered” with native structure and properties (since the API clings into a Smartphone OS and hardware).

The production word for these blends is “hybrid” apps. This approach of developing cross-platform & building the accurate, fast native and Web app practices is wrong.

Application development is perpetually growing developing. Moreover, from the spores and wrecks of the last generation come the inventions for the next.

For a new mobile age, a new and stable architecture is coming that will fill the gap between enactment of the Web and native apps and might finally deliver the solution to develop websites and apps that are fast and dependable for use.


Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Upcoming Web Development?


Progressive Web Apps: Real Idea behind It

Progressive Web Apps is an idea which initially introduced by Alex Russell, Google engineer in June 2015. TO put it briefly, progressive Web apps appear as tabs in Chrome and will become gradually more “app” as soon as more users use them, similarly where they can be joined on the phone’s home screen and have accessibility to application-like properties like offline use, properties and others. Progressive Web apps are connectable with a URL, entirely reactive and safe.
These 2 factors make progressive Web apps to function with more speed and add better functionalities; they are Service Workers and Application Shell Architecture.

To handle the performance of Web app the Service Workers cache the data, provide content and background functionality (such as push notifications). To make sites work offline, the Service Workers can assist in speeding up the data by, “capturing network requests to distribute programmatic or stored responses.”

Now the Developers have the flexibility of building progressive Web apps as of all the tools are available now, depending on the knowledge of development. Developers can build the necessary design elements and shell supported by web browsers like Firefox and Chrome, use of JavaScript, CSS and HTML with Service Workers. To call or populate the content, APIs will help developers make this work easy. For developers to code and dive into these progressive web apps, the tools and necessary elements are available.

Full Progressive App support will become more engaging & give more immersive experiences on the web. Building immersive apps using web technology does not require leaving the web itself. Progressive App design offers a way to create better experiences across devices and contexts within a single codebase, but it will require a broad change in our understanding and technology tools. Progressive Apps are our ticket out of the tab and future of development if only we reach for it. In any case exciting times lies ahead, keep watching this space.

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